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Can the excess of carbohydrates influence the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)? Should I regulate the consumption of the major sources of carbohydrates – bread and other flour products having this diagnosis? What sweets can I eat and what is under ban?


An integral factor in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia is a significant decrease in the consumption of animal fats and proteins. The lack of energy can be eliminated with other sources. Some people make a huge mistake increasing in the amount of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are one of the major energetic materials for the balanced life of every human being, but like other components are not ideal. The excess of sugar in blood occurring after digestion of food rich in carbohydrates provokes overload of the endocrine system and often its failure. Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a problem arising from such disbalance.

What to take into account choosing a diet? Nowadays one of the best ways of regulating the consumption of carbohydrates is knowledge and application of the glycemic index. This is the value which indicates the changing of blood sugar after eating certain products. It is very rarely found on labels of goods. But you can find it on the Internet (just type a phrase for the search query the glycemic index of foodstuff). Optimal and relatively clear data for the glycemic index are available in the form of comparative tables. I decided not to duplicate the data from these tables because I noticed that different authors have different values of the glycemic index of foodstuff. You can understand without analysis that different varieties of grapes or apples (sour-sweet, sweet) change the amount of sugar in the blood differently.Another good example would be preserving of fruit when each hostess has their unique ingredients and dosage. I can say the same about white bread. Nowadays standards are quite relative and bread is baked differently in different regions (different recipe, different flour quality and quantity of components). But there is no alternative so we should use what we already have. It’s better than not knowing and not doing anything. So the rule is easy – the higher the glycemic index of the product, the greater the effect on blood sugar levels. It is not recommended to use the product with high glycemic index for people of advanced age. Foodstuff with a high index has a numeric indicator 65-70 and above, foodstuff with a low index 40 and below. Everything that is in the range between 40 and 65 is edible. How to apply? There are lots of balanced diets. Some specialists offer them, and some deny. Most recommendations are aimed at diabetes and obesity. After all, the content solves the problem of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Therefore, my suggestions are explained contextually.

Harm to the body as well as the use occurs and applies everywhere. You need to know that the excess of sugar in the blood not only overburdens the endocrine glands, but also thins the vascular tissue, makes it brittle. If stiffness and fragility of blood vessels increase, blood circulation decreases.If circulation in the pelvic area deteriorates, benign prostatic hyperplasia develops.

I do not list intentionally obviously harmful fabricants like sweet carbonated water, modified starch, or potato chips. They have global harmful effect and your body doesn’t need these products. Keep in mind the list of normal products with a high glycemic index: white bread, buns, glutinous rice, sugar, honey, semolina, most potato dishes, squash, pumpkin, boiled carrots, canned fruit. Cut down on these products. Something can be replaced. For example, you can cut down on white bread completely, but replace it with grey (rye) bread. It has an average value of glycemic index. I have heard good reviews about soda (yeast-free) bread.Instead of fried potatoes (index 95), or mashed potatoes (the index within 85), you can boil potatoes in their skins, it has a much lower index – 65. After reviewing the table, you will understand that beer is harmful not only because it is a low alcohol carbonated beverage, but primarily because it has very high index – 110. You start to feel positive changes very soon in most cases. You will find out more when use certain common medical devices that are available – a blood pressure cuff, thermometer (to find out how the temperature of your body changes immediately after particular products), glucometer. Just do not be afraid of test results. I have already said that it is reasonable to fearthe problems is insurmountable. The word analysis has a common root with the word analyze and helps to eliminate the problem. After the correctionpay your attention to such indicators as quality of sleep, working efficiency, degree of irritability, appetite. I had many cases in my practice when even a single recommendation to change the diet was the key to improving the health. Once I consulted a patient with a diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia on the early stage. The person tried to master my method living Without BPHwith great enthusiasm.He was alsovery sociable and showed great curiosity expressing a big desire to understand thesmall nuances of the recovery and apply the given advice. In addition to prostatic hyperplasia he also was diagnosed with arterial hypertension of first degree (duration of the disease is more than two years). The healing process went normally, first positive results arose. The patient didn’t take any medications reducing blood pressure. He never used inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase and alpha – adrenergic blocking agents designed to affect the prostate in benign hyperplasia. I would like to emphasize that the man was extremely serious and responsible during the treatment, he always held self-control. But there was one problem. The patient noticed that his blood pressure was higher than normal (145/90 mmHg) in the morning after waking up and often in the evening. Normal blood pressure is one of the conditions of recovery. Further progress is impossible without it. We started to analyze everything together. The amount of physical activity was reasonable, the exercises were performed correctly and after this physical activity the pressure became normal for a long time. There wasn’t any stress in this period. Then we came to the diet. All the restrictions were observed. To solve this problem I had to take a break. A few days later I asked how much bread and other flour products the patient ate during the day. As it turned out, these products were consumed in excess. I advised to eliminate them from the diet for a short period of time. Blood pressure was firmly stabilized in a day. We just had to adjust the intake of carbohydrates to harmless limits. Further dynamics improved considerably.

There is a lot of contradictoryinformation about aphrodisiacs (substances that increase the potency, they contain harmless variants, typically in certain foodstuff) on the Internet. And hardly anybody says thatit is very important not to mix them with the antagonists, which suppress the libido (anaphrodisiacs). You can eat lots of nuts (walnuts, pine nuts, almonds, forest nuts, Brazilian nuts etc.), parsley and onions, shrimps and oysters, spices (cinnamon, ginger, saffron), but if you mix them with the white bread (numerical indicator in different sources is 75 and above), or with potatoes cooked in the oven (the glycemic index – 95), it will not work. Steady increase in blood sugar levels is one of the key reasons for the decline of potency.

What sweets are harmless when suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia? I once read that the annual consumption of sugar for one person (the basis of sweet dishes) was two kilograms per yearseveral centuries ago. I don’t know whether it is true, but statistics shows that this number is twenty times bigger nowadays. They say the human body does not need sugar itself. Be moderate and selective. Fresh fruits and berries are always useful (apricot, tangerine, cherry, pear, pomegranate, grapefruit). But there are fruits with quite high glycemic (dates, watermelon)among them. Every vegetable product is seasonal, of course,but this deficiency can be avoided. Many of us have the ability to make useful presets.Some fruits and berries are frozen for a long storage in my family. I myself have recently started to use the dryer for fruit, berries and vegetables. I do not recommend sweets, especially in combination with confectionery “bread” (sponge, shortcrust, choux, puff pastry). I do not recommendmulticomponent dishes; find out their recipe at first. As for home cooking, I have one simple psychological rule. Eat two times less than before, but do it very slowly (psychological detail, it is better to be satisfied). Say ‘no’ to chocolate or sugar products like caramel, toffee, chocolate and chocolate candies, lollipops, candied fruits etc. I would advise to refrain not only because of the high glycemic index. These products haverecently become poor in quality, particularly those made by a major manufacturer.

If you really want it, you can, especially when the condition of the prostate gland is normal, that is, signs of BPH are absent. Buy sweets designed only for kids. The risk of consuming the poison will be reduced to a minimum.

I would like to make one simple conclusion. Knowledge never killed anybody. It didn’t take you long to review this article, but now you know a little more about your health.

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