Diet for BPH, the Harmfulness of Alcohol

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Nutrition for BPH, diet, cure

There are many rules in this article, but the main rule is not to do harm. The essence of health-improving nutrition is not to eat everything in little amounts, but to little amounts of everything that is allowed.

Read this article and change yourself a little and obtain information that will help you improve your health.

BPH, friendly diet

Intravenous infusion drip (IV drip) is the basis for drug therapy in case of serious illnesses in every in-patient department. One of functions of IV drip is to facilitate availability of the medication by means of temporary improvement of blood circulation. Injected fluid improves flow properties of blood. Such thinning of blood temporarily alleviates symptoms and decreases risk of complications. I am convinced that humans cannot invent anything, they only duplicate. Restrictions in diet (either in case of BPH or any other disease) imitate the IV drip, but this drip is natural and completely harmless providing your diet is thoroughly balanced. Food is our energy. If you are sick, you should consume as much food as it is necessary for normal activity. Health problems take place when your stomach is overfilled. This is probably the first rule. The second rule states that only those who use energy they receive from food to the full extent can make use of a diet. For those people who only restrict their nutrition and lie on their comfortable couches waiting for improvement diet will be useless (except perhaps it will slow down development of the disease). Dietary restrictions do not exercise anything. Diet without motion is a sham, not health improvement.

Disturbance in operation of internal secretion glands is one of causes of BPH. Endocrine system works better when it has enough and does not overload during digestion. Combination of these two aspects is very important. For example. If you are used to three meals daily, consider shifting to moderate two meals daily. If you have other diseases that require five meals a day, try decreasing their number to three or four. Have your blood analyzed a week or two after the change. The results of analysis will explain everything and help you make a decision about dietary regimen.

Even the most experienced nutrition specialist cannot make your menu perfect (at best he or she will recommend you not to eat more than necessary). It is not possible, because every person is unique, because it is you who will follow the diet (not your nutrition specialist), and finally because there are many temptations as to food. Doctor can only help with his or her advice.

I approve of fasting days (one-day starvation, drink only water) as opposed to long-term starvation. I don’t think you need any kind of special preparation for fasting days. In 24 hours our body does not get dehydrated significantly. Energy reserves allow for moderate physical activity. Body gets partially cleaned. Usually 24-hour starvation does not cause stress. Only positive effect. If you are comfortable with such procedure and if you follow it, do not forget about breathing. Oxygenates burn cleavage products, thus facilitating excretion of wastes. If you want to clean your body, do it in the most effective manner. Frequency of 24-hour starvations: once in 7 – 10 days or once in two weeks.

Some recommendations for those who intend to apply “Living without BPH” method.

  • Strictness of diet depends on severity of symptoms. However, you should not go too far. If your diet is strict, you need corresponding self-control. Keep track of your weight loss dynamics to avoid critical weight loss. Control your fluid consumption and even duration of its retention in gastrointestinal and urinary system to prevent dehydration.
  • If during treatment or after it you have an irresistible desire to overeat, it will be better to do it after active physical exercises.
  • The best nutrition in the simplest. Dozens of folk proverbs contain such rules. All restricted products (animal fats and protein) should be consumed before noon. Our body can digest many things before bedtime, thus minimizing future night spasms. Towards evening your menu should be vegetarian or even a vegan one (no animal proteins).

BPH and alcohol

Effect of alcohol. Sometimes I meet people who genuinely believe that alcohol is useful in case of BPH. Arguments to disprove this opinion are given below. Everything is simple. Alcohol causes dilation of blood vessels. However, this effect is short-term. In an hour dehydration of blood vessels take place with their subsequent constriction and spasm. Dry mouth is the mirror of your condition. Alcohol is harmful. Our body requires not minutes, but hours to restore elasticity of vascular tissue. I am skeptical about even moderate consumption of alcohol. This is the law. Any dilation of blood vessels as a result of alcohol is followed by their proportional constriction.

Not only vodka (hard liquor), but also other alcoholic beverages are forbidden: beer, champagne (carbon dioxide causes additional negative effect), dry red wine, and even such harmless (at first glance) drinks as koumiss, kefir, and pickle water containing vinegar.

Other rules are given in “Living without BPH” method in section about nutrition I do not repeat anything there. I explain everything thoroughly and give a list of permitted and forbidden products, as well as substantiation of such restrictions. The only thing you need to do is to read and understand.
Respectfully yours, Gennadiy Plotyan, the author