About the Author of the BPH Treatment Method

Dear reader! My name is Gennady Borisovich Plotyan. I was born in 1964 and got my higher education in 1989. I live in the city of Kryvyi Rih in the Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine. My native languages are Russian and Ukrainian, but having mastered the services of leading search engines, I easily communicate with people in English, Arabic, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish and Turkish.

About the Author of the BPH Treatment Method

The health complications that arose on the fifth decade of my life made me comprehend the clinical symptomatology, the accuracy of diagnosis, the variety of drug therapy, and the objective results of operative and non-operative methods of treating benign prostatic hyperplasia, advantages and disadvantages of urology in general. Having felt first healing effects of justified physical education and healthy lifestyle, I began to accumulate, carefully test and persistently apply what I had learnt. Having done my own research, I excluded everything that was useless and added something innovative. It took me quite a while to understand the physiology of a male body, functions of the endocrine and cardiovascular system and how everything is connected. I even studied eastern practices, trying to understand their scientific component in order to systematize and apply knowledge which would lead to complete health improvement. Finally, I collected all the optimal materials, regulations, recommendations together. In 2010 my symptoms of BPH or any other serious health problems disappeared, which was confirmed during a thorough medical examination. The accumulated knowledge resulted in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia  which is outlined here. I have not experienced any manifestations of the disease so far.

The range of my practical attention:

  • BPH and its treatment without medication;
  • similar therapy for chronic prostatitis;
  • further restoration of male body by boosting immune system through a healthy lifestyle.

You can contact me in any way mentioned in the section structure of the site, you can also send me a message through the page: Write a message to the author.