Erectile Dysfunction and BPH: Relationship

Prostate Treatment
There is not any clear connection between benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which is not subject to operative interference, and erectile dysfunction. Sexual activity corresponds to the age and dynamics of aging. The exception is benign prostatic hyperplasia as a consequence of chronic prostatitis.

The beginning of the problems with the prostate gland is a peculiar indicator which warns a man about unhealthy changes. If the patient heals benign prostatic hyperplasia, it means that he has other troubles with the health. A person does not often realize negative side effects of some diseases on the urinary system. Hence the stereotype – if you suffer from BPH, you have erectile dysfunction. It is ridiculous!

There are clear factors provoking the development of erectile dysfunction. They are chronic prostatitis, diabetes, high blood pressure and taking pills. The heart muscle, blood vessels, blood circulation determine general condition of all internal organs. There are a number of other factors, such as injury, obesity, ignoring a healthy lifestyle and, in particular, the diet.

If a patient undergoes an operation of removing the prostate gland, his sexual function fades away completely. If a patient experiences intervention in the body of the prostate by TUR (transurethral resection), the result is unpredictable. Either complete dysfunction or partial activity is possible.

It is easy to characterize the problem, but it is much more difficult to propose methods of its solution. This web-site represents very specific and reasoned method of recovery, which completely eliminates the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

General but crucial recommendations to increase potency:

  • slight overweight is not so harmful as daily uncontrolled and excess consumption of animal proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, foodstuff full of carcinogens;
  • even if you use food aphrodisiacs, their action will be reduced by all abovementioned types of unhealthy food;
  • if you alter fasting and usual days, this will only increase the potency;
  • if you take any medications, consider their side effects on the body, consult a doctor, let him justify the need of those that reduce potency;
  • the basis of medications enhancing erectile function is often the increase in blood pressure, so they are contraindicated for patients suffering from hypertension;
  • rebuild the way of your life, identify and eliminate bad habits, start doing exercises and you will realize the power of its healing effects after a short time.

This web-site was created for the purpose of acquainting the visitor with the method Living without BPH (it is also available in Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, German).

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Gennady Plotyan, the author of the content devoted to symptoms, problems and use of fair diagnostics, consequences of non-intervention, treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia with movement.