BPH Treatment in One Session: Beware the Crooks!

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Of course, the headline you see in the title is one of the many types of bait used by crooks. Most of these slogans are placed through advertising on news web-sites. Ads, similar in meaning, hide various schemes and hypnotize psychologically people who are burdened with a difficult diagnosis – benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Wow! I have such a serious problem, and it is possible to get rid of it in a one-off intervention or a couple of easy procedures! Not a big deal! Let’s do it without delay! That is the way a sick man thinks when he comes across some useless info. Here we have crooks that can easily convince a victim to spend money on the proposed product. Let’s define the main types of fraud that are present in the current information space:

  • treatment of BPH with devices generating healing heat (it is ridiculous, but it is positioned as a unique kind of heat), vibration (by the way, harmful in almost every case), electric impulses, magnetic flows and some magic acoustic signals (nobody knows about them);
  • treatment with previously secret devices designed in the past only for astronauts and public officials;
  • treatment with the less secret pills, previously available only for the elite;
  • treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) with biologically active additives from the rarest plants growing in remote areas of the Earth;
  • treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia with a single injection and a guarantee of 8 – 10 years (this scheme is quite rare, but I happened to hear about it).

Listed schemes vary, of course. They come in other forms creating an aura of mystery around the product, but the truth stays the same: a sick person ends up being cruelly cheated.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a disease provoked by other diseases. You can make sure of this statement reviewing the chapters of this website through the list of articles (it is placed on the left on each page). They may be digestive, urinary, endocrine system disorders, unhealthy changes in heart functioning, blood vessels. What is the sense of warming the crotch, if you need to restore the heart muscle? How can you improve blood circulation in the pelvic area taking secret pills if, for example, vascular tissue is harder than usual, and the entire body’s vessels, not just prostate’s, are full of cholesterol plaques that prevent the circulation? Any consumed pill cannot remove these plaques. There are not such pills in the nature yet.

Healthy changes will happen to you only in one case. Decide whether you are predisposed to physical activity or the diet within reasonable limits? If you really are, the method of BPH treatment on this website is just what you need (it is also available in Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, German).

I am going to explain the most common fraudulent schemes in detail in the following articles.


Gennady Plotyan, the author of the content devoted to symptoms, fair diagnosis, consequences of non-intervention, treatment of BPH with movement.

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