Prostate and Food: about the Harmful Fruits and Vegetables

Prostate Treatment

When you buy fruit and vegetables in the supermarket or elsewhere, it’s almost impossible to identify the level of nitrates, which provoke the aggravation of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). How to determine the level of nitrates in fruit and vegetables?


An excess of nitrates, which are coming to your body together with food, acts like a poison. Any poison affects the whole body, but one of the major side effects is the lack of oxygen and, as a result, edema of problem areas. These are very favourable circumstances for the development of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Once I did an experiment (I already knew about the bad effects of carcinogens). I added big portion of salad (greenhouse cucumber, cabbage and green onion) to my main meal once a day every morning. By the way, when I was buying the cabbage, I noticed its acidly-green colour. Anyway, eating becomes an unpleasant procedure if you know the truth about products. When I woke up I clearly noticed that the bladder was filled (as if it was tightened with muscles) more than usual on the third day of my experiment. Urination was rather slow. I didn’t care which ingredient was the most harmful. I threw the rest of the vegetables away.  I started doing my own therapeutic exercises immediately. My trained body needed about four days to recover after that accident.

I was accustomed to identifying and estimating my physical state by the long practice of the therapeutic exercises. I felt slight heaviness in the muscles (because of edema) all that time, especially on the first day of recovery. I’m sure the amount of nitrates was several times exceeded during those three days. I suppose the abovementioned information might be useful for you.

Just imagine! A man, who doesn’t have this knowledge, eats such vegetables and thinks that they’re very healthy. In reality, he causes great damage to his own body and BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) is growing faster than usual.

So, let’s get back to your question. There are some people trying to control the amount of nitrate in fruit and vegetables with a special device (nitrate tester). You can identify harmful substances in a product with this device only if they are much higher than reasonable limits. A nitrate tester has one serious drawback.  For example, you’re checking one tomato – the device shows you that everything’s OK, then you take another one – the device indicates the excess of nitrates. It means that nitrates can be anywhere. And you aren’t going to check one vegetable 20-30 times, are you?

Just follow the rule – if you’re not sure of something, don’t eat it. You should eat vegetables grown in natural conditions and collected right from the ground. Don’t try to find something healthy in the off-season.

Never buy the earliest (i.e. the first) vegetables, berries and fruit. The manufacturer violates all possible technologies in order to get enormous profit. A product turns into poison in disguise. I’m sure the product gets to Ukraine or Russia through customs freely by crazy bribes. As for me, such dealers must be punished very seriously. Their actions harm our young generation and shorten lives of the whole nations.

As for fruit (berries), I’ve noticed little excess of nitrate among them.  But be careful! Each of us lives in a totally different environment. Link to jump to the page describing non-medicinal method of treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia – Gennady Plotyan.