BPH Cure (Walking, Running, Swimming)

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Which is more useful – walking, jogging or swimming? How effective these activities are when you suffer from BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)? How significant are the loads and what are the negative aspects?


All these three activities go together. I’ve been practicing for over 12 years. Most of the time I’ve been analyzing my actions and considering not only successful attempts, but also unsuccessful ones. I spent a lot of time studying the physiology of the human body. Therefore my statement is worth considering. Let me explain everything in detail.

Body movement is the alternation of muscle tension and relaxation. If you want to gain some profit from movements you should involve as many muscles as you can, but don’t work too hard. There are a lot of stereotypes around the topic. Most of people believe if they step on the track and show an activity or jump in a swimming-pool and swim a little, they would achieve a huge result. Efforts to improve your health won’t turn into a habit because this shows any result or it shows very little result. Even a hard-working person ends up giving the activity up. Failures might aggravate the depression. Then some so-called doctors even make the situation worse. They give their stupid advices not only in the hospitals, but they also share this trash info on web-sites. I’ve already mentioned if the doctor prescribes the pills that suppress physicochemical processes and offers doing physical exercises, it must warn you! Other people say that BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) can’t be healed by movement. It can’t be healed at all! I always ask those people one question which slightly confuses them and, as a rule, ends our conversation “How do you know that sitting in your arm-chair all day long?” I’m 100% sure BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) can be healed by a healthy lifestyle without any side effect. The healthy lifestyle includes proper breathing, movement and diet. And one more aspect you should consider – knowledge.

Now, let me describe the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of activities (walking, jogging and swimming).

Walking is available for most people suffering from BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

Advantages: relative smoothness of the load on the involved muscles and appropriate tone for the cardiovascular system, minimization of injury.

Disadvantages: it’s impossible to set the high heart rate, even with accelerations and as a consequence, a very weak outcome for the tone of the vessels.

Jogging. You can take it up even if you’re 80 years old.

Advantages: the ability to strengthen the cardiovascular system in the most effective way and obtain a therapeutic effect.

Disadvantages: injuries. I pulled an ankle joint by accident the other day. Just stepped in a hole in the concrete track while running. The injury was so bad that I had to stop for a moment and then walk. So, you’ve got to be careful. Choose places for jogging with even surfaces. The lack of knowledge can lead to some bad mistakes. Let me give you an example. Most elderly people have problems with the spine and knee joints. They are accompanied by strong pain. Most people don’t even know there are many techniques of jogging. You have to choose the right one. You should run smoothly, amortize the part of the body in certain phases of movement and minimize the load on the spine and knee joints. If you don’t do it right, you’ll end up lying in the pain. And you’ll probably say ‘no’ to physical therapy next time.

I want to draw your attention to the next statement. The final outcome is influenced by many factors. For example, frequency of your training, environment, the state of your body. One more disadvantage of jogging is unpleasant enslavement of a certain part of muscle mass. And your body will need a long rest. Not always such breaks are acceptable for the process of treatment.

Swimming. When you do a certain kind of exercises, you activate a certain muscle group. Everybody knows swimming activates the biggest number of muscles. You also set a wonderful tone for the cardiovascular system. These are the advantages.

Disadvantages. The most dangerous thing about swimming is hypothermia. Cold spasm of vessels can lead to further problems, even aggravation of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). So, consider time and temperature restrictions. A friend of mine told me once about his friend who had an acute urinary retention followed by bladder catheterization during the underwater hunting. Naturally, he cursed the hunting after this happened. And of course he might persuade someone unsophisticated that swimming is a bad thing! Nature created us applying the rule of the happy medium. The person who goes diving is far from treatment. The immersion in water one meter deep increases the external water pressure on the whole body. If you dive 4-7 meters deep, blood vessels experience kind of hydraulic shock. This leads to increased blood pressure and a huge spasm of vascular system. In addition, the activity doesn’t involve a lot of movement. And this leads to hypothermia, especially when the limbs aren’t enough protected from cold.

Unfortunately, swimming is not always available. Sometimes the climate doesn’t allow using ponds all the time. Sometimes swimming pools aren’t present in every town. Not everybody can afford it after all. In my opinion, salt water is ideal in a swimming pool. Chlorinated water isn’t acceptable for everyone. So, the disadvantage of swimming is that this activity is limited by many factors listed before.

So which is more useful – walking, jogging or swimming? How effective these activities are when you suffer from BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)? I’d like to sum up and give you one more example…

Let’s start from the first day of my training. Today I’m setting the tone to the muscles and vernacular system applying only running. I’m observing total functioning of pelvic muscles, muscles of thighs, hips, lower limbs. That’s all good, but the upper body is less active and increased blood circulation occurs at the expense of a relatively small group of muscles. I’m going to the swimming pool at this time tomorrow. Swimming makes circulation better because the upper and lower limbs are highly active. But it’s necessary to swim properly using as many muscles as possible. By the way, muscles I used yesterday are working in a very unstrained way now. I’m going to alternate running and walking next day. For example, I do running with accelerations after warming-up. After that I walk to normalize the breathing and then again accelerations. You can go on like that several times. The load on your lower body is weaker than during running. I’m walking with accelerations without running on the 4th day. I’m setting pretty smooth tone. And the next day I’m going to have quite an active training (only running). I repeat the training of the first day and enter the cycle. Weekends are arranged according to my feelings. Such schedule has the least number of drawbacks, but therapeutic effect is the strongest.

One thing that can be harmful about these activities is serious overload and, as a consequence, muscle soreness or stiffness. I don’t take into account the situation when a person trains too much and eventually suffers from heart failure. I don’t think it can happen with smart and sensible people. Remember the result of any physical training should be pleasant feelings in your soul and body.

I’m sure anyone who is acquainted with all the information contained on the website, understands that success of BPH treatment (and other diseases) consists of a certain number of rules which must be carried out. I’ve already mentioned that several times. If you don’t understand the role of breathing in the physiology and don’t acquire it, you won’t receive any result.

The importance of these activities is hugely significant. You can’t overestimate it. I want to explain why… The main reason why BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) occurs is deterioration of blood supply in tissues that are around the prostate. You can eliminate this problem with special gymnastics. But if there’re the problems in the prostate, be sure there’re the problems in other parts of cardiovascular system. Walking, jogging and swimming have a huge positive impact on the whole body (only if these activities are performed properly). Some people say “There’re evil spirits in slack-water”. Doing exercises, you pump the blood through the vessels, which cleans your vascular system and makes it elastic. You can’t compare physical therapy to drug therapy. It’s absolutely stupid. You aren’t going to choose between real treatment and just killing the pain, are you?

In conclusion, I want to notice the stuff that was said about walking, jogging and running is not everything you need to know. You can find the full information in the chapter of my method “Living without BPH” here https://adenomaprostate.com/en/articles/7.
Sincerely yours, Gennady Plotyan, the city of Krivoy Rog, Ukraine, 2016.