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BPH medical condition and its treatment: site structure

Dear reader. You are browsing “Living without BPH” website. Unlike other websites it does not offer any advertisements or surveys. It offers true drug-free method of treatment BPH. It contains and substantiates simple rules of healthy lifestyle observance which facilitates full recovery from symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, chronic prostatitis, tumor and inflammation, respectively.

The material is easy to use. If you are a first-timer, I will briefly explain the layout of the website. Usually in the left  part of each page there is a list of contents – List of articles. It contains titles of articles which can be viewed in a particular section. All articles deal with problems related to prostatic gland and contain reasonable, tested recommendations which will prevent you from making mistakes. I am sure that in most of the recommendations you will find useful information, especially since I did not plagiarize anything (nobody had anything similar). This information was obtained as a result of difficult (sometimes risky) search and hard work. It was adjusted taking into account years of communication with the sick. All its aspects were tested personally by me. I try to present the data using common, not medical language.

To open the necessary page, click on the corresponding title. The fundamentals (the method itself) are at the bottom of the list marked in red:  Living without BPH, treatment method.

The work offers free materials. Their use allows you to start classes, partially feel the effect of recovery. Five hidden topics (from the sixth to the tenth inclusive) I send to each interested user personally, to the e-mail address indicated to me in your message, for a fee. I offer you the knowledge have accumulated, developed, and generalized over the years of research free of charge. The knowledge which I developed myself and which is the key factor for recovery is my property and I sell it. I believe this is fair. This topic is specific and unique. It is completely original, it has not been copied and it does not contain any ideas owned by another person (i. e. plagiarism). It does not contain any data from other sources. Suggested recommendations logically substantiate health-improvement effect of muscle activity and physical exercises. This ensures extremely powerful treatment process without any adverse effects, of course. You will not regret it. Offered knowledge will serve you well for the rest of your life, and if necessary it will help you recover not only not only from BPH, but also from chronic prostatitis and other conditions. All recommendations from the limited access section and other sections are easy to use, they are presented in simple and understandable form and are based on scientific knowledge without a slightest hint of gibberish.

Author’s contacts.

E-mail: [email protected]

Skype account name:  gb.1964

You can contact me directly via the website. There is a special button on each page: “Write a message to the author”. You can send a message in one click. I reply to all messages.

I hope this information will be useful for you. I wish you speedy recovery, and the will to overcome helplessness,  enjoy a good  full life, and a triumph of reason.

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Respectfully yours, Gennadiy Plotyan, the author of the website “Living without BPH”.

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