Effective Treatment for BPH in Men Without Surgery

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Dear reader. If you are interested in this site, it means that there is no need to explain the term “benign prostatic hyperplasia (hypertrophy)” to you. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a benign tumor that does not let a man live a normal life. If you read this, it means that you or your loved one has been diagnosed with BPH or there is a threat of its development. I believe that causes of BPH are not of much interest to you, since the disease or its precursory symptom is already there. However, I will still outline causes of BPH, because simple analysis of causes may prevent further harm to your body (whether you are aware of it or not). A tumor can be caused by muscle (and thus vascular) spasms, lack of blood circulation, changes in operation of endocrine system. All aforementioned conditions, in turn, begin with lasting inflammatory process in prostatic gland caused by physical inactivity, hyper-nutrition (or any other harm people do to their bodies), or as a result of complication of other diseases or even as a side effect of drug treatment. Age is at the bottom of my list, and further I will prove why it is there. Forget your old sins. There is no reason to turn one’s brain (change one’s mind or lifestyle) because of them. However, if you still have a vice of some kind, I recommend you give thought to it.

Benign prostatic hypertrophy symptoms

I am from Ukraine. I am 47 (as of 2011). For some time I haven’t experienced any symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. There are no symptoms of the disease, and consequently no anxiety. I lead an active lifestyle and my body is in great (shape or condition) today. The money I spend on health cannot be compared to cost of only one visit to a medical center (even the most inexpensive one). I cannot even call it cost, if it brings me joy. My current condition is the result of my research, obtained knowledge, and its rational application. However, there were times when my prospects weren’t so bright… Some eight years ago I faced urination problems. Later I started experiencing dull pain in my groin and began seeking help from specialists.

Effective Treatment for BPH in Men Without Surgery

BPH diagnosis

Over the following three and a half years I sought advice from different urologists. They performed their tests and I was diagnosed first with a threat of BPH (I don’t know whether there is such a diagnosis (?!)), and then with BPH.

Effective Treatment for BPH in Men Without Surgery

BPH therapy (searches)

Then I went through routine treatment with expensive drugs. At first I experienced short-term and slight reliefs (most likely caused by self-suggestion). Then I just swallowed tablets with no result except for adverse effects in the form of disturbances in body functions. At least I was wise enough not to use extremely harmful drug products.

Urologists, methods for the treatment of BPH

In my mind all those quacks were associated with grave diggers, because they had two common traits. They weren’t communicative, but their services were very expensive.  Besides recipes, advice on how to live with BPH, I’ve never received. Those visits to doctors’ offices gave me an impression that the most important condition for a doctor is the vow of silence, and each of them signed a nondisclosure agreement as to any health-improving information. Much later I understood that the answer is much simpler – they don’t talk much, because they have nothing relevant to say. Meanwhile the disease progressed. Urination problems occurred on a 24 hour basis. Urination could last 3 – 7 seconds, but I had to prepare for it (or rather “tune” myself to it) 50 times longer. I kept a stiff upper lip and continued looking for an effective treatment method (or at least a method of relief). Ubiquitous advertisement messages offered a great number of such methods. Once I heard about a device (applicator that conducted heat) which performed “magnetic-vibro massage” treatment of inflammation of prostatic gland.  The advertisement presented it as a wonder. The price was rather high, but I was told that it did not include trade markup as the product was delivered directly from the manufacturer. At the time the price of such a simple, almost portable device was comparable to the cost of two medium-sized South Korean TV sets. Message in the manual fueled confidence –“this device is a cure of BPH”. After my first treatment course I felt no relief. The manufacturer stated that the patient had to endure the pain and continue treatment. During the second course of treatment I felt serious pain. It seemed like there was a kettlebell (dumbbell) deep inside my groin. I had to stop torturing myself, so I put away the “killing device” (I could not throw it away, because I had spent so much money on it). My optimism began to decline slowly, but steadily. My next purchase was a small pyramid with metal frame which looked like one of the Egyptian pyramids. Its description promised a cure from almost any diseases. Even the price did not scare me away (almost 400 US dollars). Strange as it may seem, the pyramid dulled my pain, but there was no other effect.

Natural remedies for BPH

I tried using biologically active additives (BAAs) as treatment. I saw some TV spot and ordered BAAs by phone. In a few minutes of conversation with a so-called specialist I started having serious doubts concerning her professional level. The price of product called “Strength of Emperor” was over 1000 US dollars. It quickly brought me out of somnambulism and I hung up the phone (though for a long time they kept harassing me with calls). In such kinds of businesses  the  crooks, who make profit from other people’s grief, is 100 percent. I had to quit searching because it was useless. I employed services of some old lady who seemed to have extrasensory abilities. She gave me water of some kind. She took little money from me. The water helped me to sleep better that night, but not more than that. I quickly used up all the water and this old lady lived far from my place.

Effective Treatment for BPH in Men Without Surgery

I tried even long-term starvation… This is not an exhaustive list of things I tried to find some treatment. I began to understand that I unwillingly got trapped inside a “reception center” of some kind. Thousands of people enter it every day, but nobody can get out. There they have only one right and one obligation – silent obedience.  The other people who work in numerous departments and cells of this institution: swindlers, talentless quacks, who have diplomas, licenses, and permits to perform slow murder, or simple idiots who think of themselves as arbiters of our destinies. They are in charge. All that is required from me is to listen to their ludicrous recommendations from time to time, to thank them (even if my gratitude is not sincere), to give them money (of course), and later to go to another crook to receive a similar treatment. The only thing you can do is to die (not a bright prospect, except that you can meet with your late ancestors), or to escape.

Effective Treatment for BPH in Men Without Surgery

A real treating BPH

One unpleasant experience made me change my attitude to my search for the cure. This was an example of human indifference and overwhelming greed. Once again I was visiting a private medical facility (later it gave me an impression of swindlers’ den). After consultation with urologist I was waiting in a queue for urinalysis. I turned my attention to an old man (he was 84, as I found out later). His relatives brought him to the facility. He did not try to conceal his sufferings. I understood that he couldn’t urinate for the analysis. His daughter walked back and forth in despair, not knowing how to help the old man. She finally managed to get the doctor (later I figured out that he also was the owner of the facility). This so-called “specialist” with poker face told the old man to try harder and went back to his office. I was astonished by the greed of this bastard. All that he needed was money from the analysis. He did not even think of helping that sick man. I approached the daughter of the old man. She told me that they had been denied an appointment at a state hospital because it was a day-off (there was no doctor). The only recommendation the staff managed to give was to use services of a private medical institution. I did not know for how long the old man had not been able to urinate, so I advised her that her father should be immediately admitted to the urinary department of a hospital. Any further delay might lead to fatal consequences. It was obvious that he had spasms caused by complication of BPH. Even I knew that first of all he needed to urinate, i.e. bladder drainage should be performed. The facility had misanthropes (I cannot pick a better word) for doctors. They did not have the necessary knowledge (let alone skill) to perform such procedures. Diagnostics is very profitable, just as irresponsible prescription of medications is. Many doctors do not bother themselves to learn something more. I felt an irresistible desire to punch that “businessman in white coat” so that his jaw would be right beside his prostate. However, I clenched my fists and left the institution in silence. I did not want any problems. In recent years I’ve become more judgmental. I understood that nobody will give me the magic pill, nobody offers it. It does not exist. My health has already suffered a substantial blow. BPH is not like cold. You cannot cure it in three days. Complications can make me physically challenged, or even worse. Sexual debility and a number of surgeries with various complications are not what I have planned for the rest of my life. In a split of a second I made my decision. Whatever it takes, despite any obstacles, I will find the truth. It may turn out to be very difficult, but I will get rid of the disease.

Effective Treatment for BPH in Men Without Surgery

Benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment

Medical science is a serious system of scientific knowledge and practical means and I’m sure there are a lot of brilliant, highly-skilled doctors or merely good specialists. But I did not have access to them. Even in fairy tales the main protagonist usually does not take more than three tries. I made more than ten attempts, but all those measures and half-measures to ease my sufferings had one common result: they thoroughly “diagnosed” my pocketbook in order to retrieve the maximum amount of money. My sentence is benign prostatic hyperplasia. And I am glad I am aware of it. I must defeat it on my own. At that moment I was aware that I had to recover using logically sound and rational rules, not harmful synthetic “medicine”, and not in doctors’ offices. I will tell you everything I’ve learned, developed, tested, and adopted. I will tell you how I managed to fully recover from benign prostatic hyperplasia. I will tell this and prove this to you in other sections of this site, as well as directly in description of “Living without BPH” treatment method. Investigate it, learn it. If you want to recover from the disease, it will be much easier, because all the necessary knowledge is here. The resource is multilingual and if you feel more comfortable, You can find the proposed method of treatment in: DeutschFrançaisItalianoEspañolPortuguêsJęzyk PolskiРусскийالعربيةTürkçe.

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Respectfully yours, Gennadiy Plotyan, author of the website, 2011.

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Effective Treatment for BPH in Men Without Surgery
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