How to Reduce BPH (the Most Important Thing is not to Hurt Yourself)

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You can’t always create good conditions for yourself to overcome the illness of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Some circumstances dictate their own rules. You have to obey them even if you break the rules of a healthy lifestyle. How to behave yourself when you expect a long-hour drive?


I agree with you. You can’t avoid all the negative effects on your body. I use my car as well as you. And I know how to avoid all the negative effects on your body.

While driving, your body is in a state of physical inactivity. In addition, it is exposed to harmful vibration from the engine of your car. Long trips lead to poor blood circulation and cause spasms in the organs of the pelvic area. This fact provokes further unpleasant difficulty in urinating for a long time (if BPH is in a very bad condition you may experience pain during urination).

All my actions I’m going to describe are aimed at preventing spasms. But first I suggest you should analyze all your previous trips for a short period of time. I’m sure some of the trips were made without extreme need. If so, I recommend replacing driving by walking (if places you need to go to are within walking distance).

So, if you expect a long trip (more than a few hours), you have to do the following.

Before you begin the trip, do the exercises recommended in this chapter –  or apply another type of muscle activity (swimming, walking, running). You should do any of these activities using the complete volume of knowledge (I mean the hidden eighth chapter of my method).

Don’t eat anything before/ during the trip. You may have huge problems if you break this very important rule. You are allowed to drink water as much as you need to.

Choose the most comfortable clothes that allow your body to breathe.

Control the air temperature in the car. Remember, cold is as harmful as heat. Try to balance. Stop using heated seat. Forget about this option of your car.

If your car can’t perform air-conditioning function fully, choose the most appropriate hours for driving (depending whether it’s hot or cold).

Stop every 40-50 minutes and do a ten-minute warming-up. Any kind of exercise is good for you. You can even run or walk with accelerations. Such breaks during long trips far from big cities are very pleasant. Enjoy the beauty of nature, it distracts from the problems.

While driving, ensure the reasonable access of fresh air into the car and occasionally do breathing exercises (described in the method) in the sitting position. Don’t try too hard. Breathe deeply, smoothly with delays during inhale. For example, take a rest after 5-7 productive amplitude inhales and exhales.

If you apply all the recommendations given, you won’t have any problems. I used to drive for eight hours or so, but I was following these rules and had no problems even after such long trips.

Finally, here’s my last observation. The more comfortable is a vehicle (soft suspender, high quality damper etc.), the less trouble it creates for its owner suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Sincerely yours,

Gennady Plotyan

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How to Reduce BPH (the Most Important Thing is not to Hurt Yourself)
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