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Dear visitor. A major part of “Living without BPH” treatment method is available free of charge in the following section: Please note that Ukrainian and Russian are the author’s native languages. The text of the site, the method itself, and the topic №8 (limited access) were translated into English by a highly skilled translator. If you have any questions as to the content of the site, please send me a message. I will do my best to clarify any issue.

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I have a perfect knowledge of the described method. You can also contact me via skype. In such a case you will need a Russian or Ukrainian interpreter. My Skype address: gb.1964 I guarantee full recovery from benign prostatic hyperplasia and some other conditions, through individual communication and provided that all my reasonable recommendations are met. I can come at your request to any place in the world in order to help you as much as possible in restoring your health, by agreement.
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