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On the methodology for treatment of prostatitis and BPH

Subject One. On the role of healthy breathing in the treatment of the prostatitis and the benign prostatic hyperplasia

Subject Two. On the relaxation

Subject Three. Characteristics of some properties of the human body

Subject Four. Gymnastics for the prostate

Subject Five. Walking, jogging, swimming

Subject Six. On the sequence and the amount of physical exercise after starting the treatment

Subject Seven. When it is useful to apply abdominal breathing

Subject Eight.

Subject Nine. In minute detail on the diet for the prostate adenoma and chronic prostatitis patients

Subject Ten. How to eliminate the causes of the prostate inflammation

Subject Eleven. The analysis of changes and conditions during the treatment period


On the methodology for treatment of prostatitis and BPH

Dear Interested Reader,

The current paper contains a total of twelve subjects dealing with the treatment of the benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), the treatment of the chronic prostatitis. They present everything that is salubrious for the prostate: rules of breathing, relaxation, nutrition, self-preservation and those of conducting aerobic and anaerobic training, as well as a description of exercises (gymnastics) for the prostate – all that with the aim of treating the prostatic hyperplasia and not alleviating but eliminating the painful symptoms of the chronic prostatitis. Almost everything is substantiated. This was done intentionally to ensure that you do not have even a shadow of doubt about the originality of the benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment method, that of the prostatitis treatment and the author’s decency (I assume that many people with such a diagnosis do not trust anyone, and all the more the Internet). Well, now I recommend you to evaluate my competence and ask you to carefully listen to and watch everything that I am going to tell and show you later on. Some people will grasp instantly the essence of the knowledge I reveal, others will do it slowly and not immediately: that is exactly the purpose of a website – to make it possible for the people to examine its contents more than once. Maybe I will be unnecessarily meticulous in some places, maybe I will be repeating myself in other ones (intentionally, in order to focus your attention). But I want to note that by creating this methodology, I was aiming not at threshing straw and not even at trying to alleviate the painful manifestations but rather at helping you forget about your stigma forever. Many of you understand, without undue comment, that the treatment of the prostatic hyperplasia with folk remedies is inefficient as are attempts to treat the BPH with medications. The latter does pose a big question indeed. I ask all those who have shown interest to support me with diligence, hard work and discipline in mastering what I offer. To a greater degree, I do not seem to claim great ingenuity, for the world of knowledge has long been unlimited, but I would like to note that I drew part of that knowledge only from personal conclusions, after painstakingly analyzing my own exercises and mistakes, my subjectively felt state of health and my own lifestyle. Such a health barrier as a problem with the prostate gland cannot be overcome by stereotypical thinking. Some things you will therefore learn – I am sure of that – for the first time. But, unlike hundreds of Internet touts, who suffer, as a rule, from amateurism and incompetence, everything described below has been tried and tested on the author himself, confirmed by his former patients, does not cause any side effects, has a fundamental basis and produces real health-improving results of treatment for signs of the prostatitis in men and in getting rid of the BPH without surgery. The goals of this paper will be treated both separately and in an intertwined manner, if necessary. One more thing: if something becomes unclear, I will try to clarify it as simply as possible at the end of each key subject. And the most important thing: study all the information carefully. It might happen that you will not embrace or will miss some recommendation, so the therapeutic effect may be weaker. This is serious. For this is a painful tumour, an inflammation of the prostate that manifests itself chronically and in some cases both. But at the same time, the whole concept is very accessible both in terms of comprehension and application. If you have gone as far as this website in your quest, then I think there is no need to prove that no one has so far been able to cure your prostate gland showing signs of the prostatitis or the benign hyperplasia. You yourself will provide me with the abundant evidence thereof. And I will destroy those signs but only with your help.

Taking into account the long-standing wishes and for the convenience of your perception, I will highlight the subjects in question.

  • Subject One. Abdominal breathing.
  • Subject Two. On the relaxation.
  • Subject Three. Characteristics of some properties of the human body, the understanding of which is necessary for the treatment of the prostatitis and the prostate gland adenoma
  • Subject Four. Gymnastics for the prostate (physical exercises with expiration movements for the prostatitis and adenoma patients).
  • Subject Five. Activities that must really improve your health (walking, jogging, swimming).
  • Subject Six. On the sequence and the amount of physical exercise after starting the treatment.
  • Subject Seven. On when and in which cases abdominal breathing is the most efficient to use.
  • Subject Eight.
  • Subject Nine. In minute detail on the diet for the prostate adenoma and chronic prostatitis patients and the limitations associated with it.
  • Subject Ten. Important but little-known recommendations. On self – preservation and self- control in case you have the benign prostatic hyperplasia, how to eliminate the causes of the prostate inflammation and how to treat the prostate gland without unknowingly harming oneself.
  • Subject Eleven, short but necessary for the overall understanding. The analysis of changes and conditions during the treatment period; how the prostatitis in men is treated and how symptoms of the prostate adenoma disappear (physiology).
  • And the last subject, Subject Twelve. Conclusion.

The efficient treatment of the prostate, abdominal breathing.

A certain combination of conditions, physical quantities, and physiological actions (air, environment, movement, nutrition) can result in a wide range of consequences starting from fatal damage to curative effect. I suggest you should develop your own understanding of a true treatment process in order to get rid of benign prostatic hyperplasia and chronic prostatitis. Let us begin with breathing.
Probably each of us can remember some basic knowledge from school. The air we breathe in order to live contains neutral nitrogen, over twenty percent of oxygen, some 0.04 per cent of carbon dioxide. It also contains other gases, but I will not mention them, because we have no interest in them. The purpose of breathing is to ensure metabolism to provide energy. We inhale air into our air cells. Our blood receives only oxygen, i.e. we use only little more than twenty percent of air volume we inhale.

Let us analyze breathing at rest, for example when we sit. I’m sure I will not make a mistake, if I describe it myself. You inhale air almost gently into upper part of air cells. During inspiration you hold slightly your breath. Try recollecting your daily breathing technique. The same way as in case of shallow breathing you breathe without any discomfort, never thinking about it, slowing down or speeding up depending on your minimum oxygen demand. You rarely take a deep breath. Even during active physical exercises or hard labor, if any, your breathing is rapid and in most cases shallow. There is only one thing you can tell about your breathing during sleep. It is uncontrollable, i.e. rapid and shallow.  You can easily calculate that when we fill one fourth (well maybe one third) of our lungs, we can only get 5 – 6 percent of oxygen out of total volume of air. Our lungs are not uniform and homogeneous. They consist of numerous bubbles called air cells or alveolus which exist separately from each other. More specifically each air cell is autonomous. When we inhale slightly, we fill only those air cells which are located in the top part of our respiratory apparatus. Blood transfers absorbed oxygen to substances rich in chemical energy. These substances become oxidized with the help of hemoglobin. The result: water and carbon dioxide, as well as numerous volatile compounds, even acetone, and other decomposition products. Part of these substances exits our body the same way, i.e. through lungs.  What happens in lower air cells during such breathing?  Oxygen is transferred from air into blood. Carbon dioxide mixes with remaining nitrogen. There is no other circulation. In some time certain congestion of gas takes place. What next? Volume of consumed oxygen gradually decreases, because of decrease in number of air cells that transfer oxygen to blood. Logically we may assume that quality and quantity of metabolic processes declines. If this occurs on a regular basis, our cells and tissues fill with slag, i.e. with unnecessary components of oxidation reaction. Optimum blood flow in all types of blood vessels slows down as a result of low oxygen content.  Then as a result of other negative factors (in addition to shallow inspiration and shallow expiration we can mention physical inactivity, hyper nutrition, stress, etc.) obstacles in blood flow appear and elasticity of vascular tissue decreases. All this creates a serious imbalance in human body and causes a whole range of problems. If these negative changes involve prostate, most people start feeling them immediately. Think about it, while I’m making the following simple conclusion: correct breathing is one of secrets of true health. Let us explain. I have no interest in information when healthy breathing received its proper name: abdominal breathing or diaphragm breathing. People knew this secret long ago. You don’t have to invent anything. Due to our Creator any human is capable of abdominal breathing since birth. Look at any infant and you will understand that it breathes actively pushing the air from lungs by its tummy. Such breathing brings joy, it is beautiful. I associate it with victory, triumph of life over nonexistence. Not all questions have answers. Why do we stop using abdominal breathing when we grow up? I don’t know. The first time I heard about abdominal breathing was when I was a soldier in Afghanistan some 30 years ago. A good friend of mine who studied martial arts was very eager to tell me about abdominal breathing and even gave me a notebook where he had written rules of correct breathing. However, I was in good health then and I did not attach any significance to what he told me. But, there is a time for everything. Let me tell you a few words about myself.  I always try to fully study any complex problem first to clarify the situation and figure out the probability of positive result. And if I learn the truth, almost nothing can stop me on my path to the goal. When abdominal breathing became necessary for me, it took a long time for me to understand the purpose of breathing as an element of treatment, because I was looking for some miraculous secret in it. I tried to find nonexistent (as I learned later) secret of its latent capabilities, which is still being imposed by Eastern cultures. Such knowledge is usually accompanied by feebleminded attention seekers and associated with a lot of conflicting information. Without understanding the rules and physiology of correct breathing it is useless to start fighting any serious disease. Don’t fool yourself taking piles of pills and hoping for placebo effect. It is time to demonstrate and thoroughly explain health-improving effect of abdominal breathing. Please note that all commentaries to the video are given below.

Attention! Video playback requires a short download and is performed after a while.

The exercise should be performed on fresh air only. Take a slow, smooth breath. Try to fill your lungs to the maximum capacity. It is better to breathe through your nose, because it functions as an additional filter. If it is difficult for you to breathe through the nose, use your mouth too. I also experienced such problems at first, but soon managed to train my sinuses forcing inspirations and expirations through the nose. Pause for some ten seconds or more.  Breathe out slowly and smoothly through the nose. When doing this constrict, i.e. suck in, your abdominal muscles in order to set your diaphragm in motion and push as much used air as possible from your lungs, notably from your bottom air cells. After expiration take a short pause (2-3 seconds). Repeat the exercise. Inspiration: abdomen is enlarged, but there is no air there. A system of valves does not let most of the air come inside the gastrointestinal tract.  Expiration:  after pause, muscles are constricted, diaphragm goes up in the direction of the heart. Expiration should be deep enough so that you stop feeling flow of air in your nose and mouth. Repeat the exercise for the third time. In order to maintain consistency, smoothness, and speed, you can make only small pauses after inspiration. There should not be any discomfort or feeling of shortness of breath. Pauses after expiration should always be short (2-3 seconds). Don’t make them longer or you risk developing vasospasm. It is harmful. In the video I don’t wear a T-shirt deliberately to show you the amplitude and quality of muscle contractions. Note movements of abdominal muscles. Let’s explain the physiology. During such breathing maximum amount of air comes into lungs. Thus, more blood and tissues receive more oxygen. Stable inspirations ensure quality of oxidation reactions. No oxygen – no life. This is probably the simplest and the clearest explanation. Abdominal breathing improves contraction of esophagus, stomach, intestine and ureter, thus there is no congestion in tissues and these organs better perform their functions. Improvement of peristalsis minimizes congestion of chyme and intestinal wastes in gastrointestinal tract. Better quality of digestion facilitates prevention and treatment of many digestive diseases. Moreover, free intestine does not put pressure on adjacent organs, including prostate, which eliminates one of causes of spasms. To a certain extent deep breathing technique facilitates preservation of fluid balance, which is one of prerequisites of healthy lifestyle. Any immune mechanism works through blood. Optimal and trouble-free flow of blood through vessels depends on oxygen. Thus, good circulation increases number of protective elements in human body, increases the probability of elimination of tumor cells and other foreign agents. This phrase might seem highbrow. I just couldn’t make it any simpler, sorry. Amount of inhaled air ranges from 2,5 to 7 liters. Deep breath and pause after inspiration facilitates increase in amount of absorbed oxygen. Improvement of oxidation reactions eliminates vascular spasms. Deep inspiration and subsequent pause reduce arterial pressure. Expiration: pressure increases, lungs must be free from air to the maximum extent, duration of pause is at maximum.  Believe it or not (you may test it), in case of good amplitude and well-developed lungs the difference in pressure during pauses may amount to 10 or even 20 millimeters of mercury. The situation is vice versa in people predisposed to hypotension (pause after inspiration – pressure increase). I was very curious to learn that. Now I know why correct breathing is the basis of all eastern practices and why treatment of almost all cardiovascular diseases and conditions (from hypertension or hypotension to heart defects) starts with correct breathing. But everything that was developed several thousand years ago within eastern practices is considered sacred. Any substantiation from physiological point of view is always ignored by supporters of eastern practices, because they are afraid of destruction of their pseudoscientific system of knowledge. Diaphragm breathing relieves stress and agitation, i.e. improves operation of nervous system. Sustainable increase of amount of oxygen in blood not only increases the amount of oxidation reactions. Energy release becomes smoother, more specifically – nonaggressive.  This is the prerequisite of stability and strength of health. As you know, during common shallow breathing none of aforementioned phenomena takes place. Simple breathing in and breathing out! But so much knowledge can be derived from it. To a certain extent I used all aforementioned information in order to get rid of BPH and other complex and insolvable personal problems. I recommend you  study this information and understand the key role of correct breathing in treatment process. I believe that among readers there are people who already tried some treatment from benign prostatic hyperplasia or chronic prostatitis, including changing breathing techniques, but it failed. Most people only heard of various techniques, devices believed to be the panacea from all diseases. There are a lot of such things. The following paragraph is written for such people. Please read, it will be useful for you. I live in Ukraine. Over the last decades my country has experienced economic collapse, spread of corruption, and total disappearance of quality medical care (even paid care). People talk of a healthy lifestyle like nobody ever heard about it. I listen to people and I know that the same situation is in Russia, Kazakhstan, and many other countries of the former Soviet Union. I believe many countries of the world have the same problems. Due to inadequate medical care or merely out of despair, some people are forced to seek any available means to relieve their sufferings. Demand creates supply. A great number of various for-profit breathing techniques appeared rapidly. Sets of dishware supposed to function as “health-improving respiratory training systems” became available for purchase. People were offered to breathe through special pipes or glasses.  And such devices were presented as a cure from any possible (even incurable) diseases. This absurdity turned into a serious business. Those businessmen have studied and used methods of effective influence on human mind in pursuit of profit. They award academic titles to themselves. Their advertising messages and websites state that many scientific laboratories took part in development and confirmation of their theories. They convince people that their useless methods received (nonexistent) awards and public recognition. All of this is wrong and everything those businessmen promise has nothing to do with reality. I firmly believe that nobody has the right to distort anything our Creator gave us. Nobody has the right to sell anything we were given for free use. I will give scientific proof of inadequacy of majority of breathing techniques, especially commercial ones. I will do this intentionally so that anyone can make sure that they are invalid, save time by avoiding this nonsense, and so that those who intend to profit from them wouldn’t have any chance. So, any more or less reasonable breathing theory (whether it involves using some kind of device or not) contains one common rule. It states that you need to inhale and then hold your breath as long as it is comfortable for you.  This pause is the only useful recommendation among all offered measures. It ensures increase of the amount of oxygen in blood which causes corresponding positive impact. With the exception of this pause there is nothing useful in those methods. Each of the methods contains various rules for correct breathing depending on imagination and mental disorder of its author. Usually such techniques suggest that the person should breathe air with low oxygen content and proportionally increased volume of carbon dioxide. They also suggest that the person should significantly decrease the number of inspirations and expirations. They attract people with a condition that this exercise should be performed only at rest (when sitting or lying) and for a short period of time (15 – 20 minutes per day. And they will be healthy. Those crooks know well that this is the most powerful bait. Most people don’t like physical activity and sincerely believe in a miracle without any effort or work. This is their tragedy. Usually they continue thinking in such a way till their dying day. Any natural treatment process involves breathing only in combination with muscle contractions. Breathing at rest (when blood flow is slow) only partially stimulates blood vessels and involves only one muscle group (muscles that work during breathing). For this reason breathing at rest has limited positive effect. This may include slight and short-term decrease in blood pressure in case of hypertension or slight and short-term relief from muscle spasms in case of asthma or allergy. The fact that such exercises are at best useless is the main negative factor. If a person is in poor health, periodic lack of oxygen deliberately created by such breathing techniques will worsen manifestation of spasms and will complicate the condition. In many people oxygen deficiency causes slight increase in body temperature leading to metabolic disorders and temporary weakening of the immune system. Once I heard the following phrase: “Without the idea of hypo-oxygenation it wouldn’t be possible to sell anything”. Nobody knows how many thousands of innocent sick people lost their lives because of those quacks. And those quacks still do their job.  Taking into account that people tend to practice techniques with exceptional perseverance once they have spent money on them, the probability of fatal result of such practices is very high. For all advocates of dubious inventions I recommend practicing the technique of deep breathing not in front of some kind of device, but in the open air. Fill your lungs with air completely, not partially. The result is incomparable. Sometimes when you start practicing abdominal breathing your latent problems develop into pain. This is the result of reorganization of operation of cardiac muscle, more specifically, change in contraction force and slight redistribution of load between different areas of muscle tissue. Pain may appear immediately or after a time within several weeks. Despite of the pain, healthy balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide and stabilization of metabolism will be beneficial. I experienced pain myself. At that time I did not know the reason, but I did not stop my exercises. I even began to worry.  I don’t remember exactly, but I think I made a mistake in making too long pause after full expiration. To be honest, at the beginning I made a lot of mistakes. Pain stopped and I forgot about it. However, during my next visit to a hospital for an examination, my doctor was very surprised to see that I did not have the previously diagnosed left ventricular hypertrophy (prerequisite of a heart attack). My cardiac muscle still works perfectly. At first try not to make sudden inspirations with large amplitude or abrupt movements, particularly if you are an elderly person. If you feel pain, try performing the exercise smoothly and slowly. The pain will disappear. More than once in my practice I saw people over eighty who once had heart attacks. At first they too experienced pain, but later the pain went away. And another thing. Never practice abdominal breathing in places where the air is polluted or oversaturated with gases. If environment is polluted, breathe sparingly. Let’s make a conclusion using simple phrases. When we practice abdominal breathing, the air does not get into our esophagus or stomach. Our diaphragm just goes up and down, and our stomach muscles contract. When breathing with high amplitude, air fills lungs completely, not partially (only top or bottom of lungs). Oxygen (not carbon dioxide, not nitrogen or anything else) is absorbed in lungs.  Air with high carbon dioxide is harmful for human body. Thus, the most useful and efficient breathing takes place only in open air, when air environment constantly regenerates. This fact should be taken into account during physical activity. Carbon dioxide is formed as a result of metathesis in cells of our body (i.e. inside) and is removed to atmosphere through lungs. I have also described positive impact of abdominal breathing which is very important. Such impact includes increase in quality and quantity of oxidation reactions as well as improvement of arterial pressure, creation of favorable conditions for improvement of function of immune system, stabilization of speed of metabolism, preservation of fluid balance leading to improvement of elasticity of heart and blood vessels, improvement of function of gastrointestinal tract, sedative effect on nervous system. The most basic component of healthy breathing is the fact that you should feel comfortable.  Don’t experiment with content of inhaled air. DO not hold your breath for too long. The most common mistake is an extremely long pause after full expiration (in such a case you don’t feel discomfort for some time).  Do not use any devices for breathing. You cannot fool nature, and consequences may be permanent for you. Thus far I did not make any connection between breathing and BPH, chronic prostatitis, sexual debility or other serious problems. I’m simply asking you to start breathing correctly. At first practice abdominal breathing for a short term (in sets of several minutes each). Make ten or fifteen such attempts on the first day of exercises. Pay attention to moments when your breathing becomes shallow, i.e. almost stops. Try taking a deep breath when this happens. Later I will explain in which cases diaphragm breathing should be practiced. Everything should be done gradually. I will eliminate any uncertainty. All I’m asking is listen, watch (repeatedly, if necessary), and remember.
The main reason why I explain functions and purpose of abdominal breathing in such a thorough manner is that I try to counter gibberish. I used to hear extremely ridiculous explanations of functions of abdominal breathing!   I want to draw your attention to the fact that all aforementioned and further conclusions have clear scientific and practical basis. You can find confirmation of their correspondence with physiology yourself, if you study medical textbooks and encyclopedias.  Let’s proceed to the next section.

Prostatic hyperplasia and relaxation


Each of us was under stress at least once in life. Everybody knows that stress is one of key causes of any disease. In certain situations you can predict stress and prevent it, especially if you have experience and if you are shrewd enough. It is great, if you can stay calm when necessary. However, in real life we often find ourselves under psychological (and thus physical) stress. Usually, people do not know how to cope with stress properly. Moreover, they do not think it is important. When you have benign prostatic hyperplasia, you shouldn’t think in such a way. Shock (especially long-term one) may have unpredictable consequences. For this reason you need to learn to cope with it. It is not difficult, if you do everything right. When I started fighting against BPH, I noticed that during stress my breathing amplitude minimized. Negative emotions make the nervous system give a signal to our muscles to contract, provoking disturbance in blood flow in all large and small blood vessels. During those minutes (or hours) when our body experiences spasm, oxygen consumption is at minimum. Human body is an integral complex of interconnections between body organs. Nerve receptors are excited or inhibited depending on signals from our brain. In order to simplify and speed up the process of recovery we need to develop   and apply the skill to adjust our consciousness. We usually say: one fire drives out another fire, thus such spasms can be eliminated by deep diaphragmal breathing in combination with calming our mind down. Besides, such exercise works well with a set of procedures for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and chronic prostatitis. I did not invent anything new. I just offer you the same thing eastern practices do, but in an intelligible form without any changes. Here I will try to describe my practical recommendations briefly and without any controversies, because not everybody wants to study them in detail. I believe there is a curative energy in the environment, and it is an integral part of life. Every human has an “energy vessel”, where the energy enters and where it is partially accumulated. Its center is located 3-5 centimeters below the navel. It has spherical shape (approximately the size of a fist clasped by the other hand). The energy flows from this center to other body organs. This is very simple. You have to develop so-called inner sight. Take a breath and close your eyes. Imagine continuous flow of energy in a form of snow or rain that enters from the environment through pores of your skin into your energy center. Pause: the energy disperses throughout your body, for example through blood vessels. Exhale: used energy smoothly exits your body through capillaries and pores of your skin. It would be great, if during relaxation you imagine the feeling of blood flow through your vessels. If you feel something else, it is all right. Everything is acceptable. The main thing is to switch your brain from problems and negative thoughts to improvement of health. And one more thing which is even simpler. Concentrate your consciousness on muscle relaxation. Start from your head; relax your jaw, muscles of arms, shoulders, etc. and finally your legs. Attention! You don’t need to try developing this condition and strengthening sensations. This relaxation technique does not include any other unintelligible secret effects or any miraculous forces eastern practices claim to contain. No other relaxation methods have them! This technique only facilitates partial improvement of circulation. Finally, I recommend you try one breathing exercise as I call it. Its importance in my method is significant. This exercise should be performed only in places where there is fresh and clean air or access to it. If you do it in your apartment, open your balcony door or window (but make sure there is no draft). Open air vent is not enough. It is better to lie down, because in this case more muscles will be relaxed. If you can’t lie down, do it in standing position. Don’t sit down. In general, any sitting position should be considered harmful from a physiological point of view. The reason is that when you sit down, your diaphragm is compressed from top and from bottom, thus you cannot breathe to the full extent. Note that animals rarely sit. At least not for hours. Nature is reasonable. Human is the only living organism which is prone to hurting himself (though unintentionally) not understanding the rules of rational existence. Sometimes I get the impression that humans do not come from Earth. Our behavior is so unrestricted here and our activity is often fatal to the environment. Now I am going to demonstrate the breathing exercise. Commentaries to the video are given below.

Attention! Video playback requires a short download and is performed after a while.

You are not stressed.  Your eyes are closed, if possible. Arms are in comfortable position (it is up to you: bend them at elbows or extend them). Concentrate on muscle relaxation and use your consciousness to relax your body step by step: jaw, upper extremities, shoulders, back, chest, finally your legs. Begin with a smooth and slow inspiration. When you inhale and hold your breath (within comfortable period of time) imagine constant flow of energy (for example, silver sun-colored snow) that enters through pores of your skin into your energy center. Then perform smooth abdominal expiration (it should last longer than inspiration). Used energy exits your body. The expiration should be long enough so that you stop feeling the flow of air in your nose or mouth. After expiration make pause of 2-3 seconds. After completion return your stomach to initial position. Duration of pauses after expiration may range from 20 to 60 seconds. It is better, if your duration is close to 60 seconds. It is up to you. You don’t have to make pauses longer. This is exactly the duration of normal gas exchange: blood absorbs oxygen from lungs, while the opposite happens with carbon dioxide. Then exhale to free your lungs for fresh air rich in oxygen.
Please, remember this simple word combination – breathing exercise. Let me remind you that it is an integral part of future success. In the 8th topic I will explain when you should perform this exercise to maximize its effectiveness. I will also prove its necessity. Conclusion. In the face of stabilization of nervous system the breathing technique acquires treatment effect. Combination of relaxation and abdominal breathing eliminates spasms of skeletal muscles and their pressure on vascular system decreases (however slightly) facilitating blood flow through blood vessels. This is a good health-improving factor.


In order to simplify understanding of material given below, to understand and analyze processes that take place in human body, to prevent mistakes and useless actions during exercises, I will briefly tell you about acceptable and effective heart rate or pulse and body temperature. One of the prerequisites of health improvement involves periodic increase in load when performing physical activity (walking, running, swimming). There is a commonly accepted reasonable limit in increase of number of heart beats per minute. Immediately after peak of physical activity (especially at the beginning) this limit should be controlled. Different practices suggest various formulas, because they confuse sport with physical activity, thus confusing people. The following data are from my personal experience. If you are 40 or so, getting your heart rate to 140 beats per minute is enough when performing anaerobic exercises (i.e. speeding-up). If you are 50, make it 130. If you are 60, make it 120 and so on. In general, with each additional year of age your heart rate should decrease by one beat per minute. For example, 125 beats per minute for 55-year-old person. Remember these figures and use them as a basis. If a healthy lifestyle is new to you, don’t speed up your heart rate too rapidly. It is OK, if your performance is not so good at first. Believe me, it won’t take you too long to catch up and achieve good results.

Temperature is thermal condition of your body, the result of complex relationship between heat generation of various tissues or organs and heat exchange between them and environment.Body temperature is different in various body parts. Significant increase or decrease in body temperature is interpreted as disturbance of vital processes. At the same time I once heard that conscious decrease of temperature causes normalization of metabolism and is known to have significant treatment effect. I also knew that few are capable of self-regulation. Such people fully devote their lives spiritual and physical practices.
By that time word “miracle” sounded alarmingly for me. After long and useless searches involving representatives both official and non-official health care I learned to think pragmatically. I needed specific result, i.e. full recovery from BPH. Frankly speaking, at first I thought this was nonsense. However, though trial and error I found out that combination of abdominal breathing with simple movements (gymnastics during exhale), i.e. rational physical training, give amazing and rapid results. In this case you will be able to (and you must) achieve significant decrease in temperature through reasonable physical exercises. In the next topic I will explain what happens in the human body during such exercises.  Later you will need to make measurements for analysis. Use only mercury thermometer for this purpose. It is the most precise method. Such thermometer has one significant disadvantage. It is fragile. Be careful with it. Measurements should always be taken in the same place, i.e. the armpit. Duration of measurement should be constant: 10-12 minutes. Body temperature is not constant. Usually the temperature is at minimum in the morning. It rises towards evening and after meals.

Gymnastics for the prostate

HERE I WILL EXPLAIN PERFORMANCE OF GYMNASTIC EXERCISES DURING EXPIRATION AND SUBSTANTIATE IT FROM PHYSIOLOGICAL POINT OF VIEW. At rest the speed of blood flow cannot ensure transfer of optimum (more specifically curative) amount of oxygen. You can meditate all your life, the benefit will be insignificant. Only movement heals. Let us study and understand its usefulness. I deliberately chose the following simple gymnastic exercises, not to give you an artificial impression of their secrecy. I don’t want to fool you, like some other people would do in such situation. At first you should measure your body temperature before you begin. Below I will explain why this is necessary. If you are indoors, you should ensure access of fresh air. Derive maximum benefit from every process. One of logical chains of health improvement is the following: mobility, blood flow, heat, thus oxygen enrichment of tissues (without oxygen all efforts are useless). And now the main point. Priority of exercises and number of sets are up to you. Strictly observe rules of abdominal breathing, its amplitude width, and combine expiration with movement. There should be no deviations: inhale and hold your breath as long as it is comfortable (10 seconds or more, but not more than 50-60 seconds), exhale with movement, then make a short pause (2-3 seconds). Repeat the cycle. Initial position: stand up, sit down or lie down. Maximum relaxation at rest (the relaxation I mentioned before). During inspiration and breath holding (duration should be comfortable) imagine the flow of energy penetrating your body and entering your energy vessel (energy center). Expiration: exit of used material and movement. I must be annoying, but I should remind you to make movement only during expiration. Expiration should be of maximum duration. Then make a pause of several seconds completely stopping any movements. Repeat the whole cycle again. Do not take small breaths. I will demonstrate each exercise several times. Note that commentaries to gymnastic exercises are given below immediately after the video.

Attention! Video playback requires a short download and is performed after a while.

1. Inspiration. Breath holding. Flow of energy penetrating the energy center. Movement simultaneously with expiration. Exit of energy from the body. If you run at home in a small area, it is better to do this along 8-shape path. Though it does not look like running. Relax your jaw, shoulder joints, arms (as if they are tied to your body with ropes). Move trying to shake your leg muscles. Stop after complete expiration. Make very short pause before taking a new breath. Certainly, you should make more than 2-3 sets. When you become proficient in performing the exercise, stop counting sets (time will be your reference point).

2. Inspiration. Initial position: standing up, legs shoulder-width apart. From psychological point of view everything is the same and should be repeated during every movement and exercise. Breath holding: energy penetrates the energy center. Expiration: steady movements and exit of used energy. Make swings with your legs in the opposite direction (in turns). Left leg – to the right. Right leg – to the left. Stop movements after each expiration. Make a pause (but not more than several seconds) before taking a new breath. I do not wear a T-shirt so you can watch me breathe to learn how to breathe correctly.

3. Initial position: the same. Imitation of fast walking of the spot not lifting feet from the floor. Inspiration, energy, breath holding. Abdominal expiration and leg movements (do not count movements). Movements should be rapid like during race walking. Walking on a spot does not require much energy. If you feel shortness of breath when performing other exercises, you can recover your energy by walking on the spot.

4. Initial position: standing up, legs shoulder-width apart. This time I will not repeat rules of absorption and removal of energy. They are the same in every exercise. Make a slight squat (approximately 10-15 centimeters). If it is difficult for you to stand this way, you may lean on chair or table. When exhaling rotate your knees and pelvis to one side and then to the other.

5. At first it is difficult to perform the next exercise correctly. Hold on to something firm with your hand. Make swings with your free hand and free leg. Inspiration, pause, relaxation. Begin movements during expiration. Repeat the cycle, but to the opposite side. Maintain the amplitude of breathing, i.e. do not let yourself take rapid or shallow breaths. If it is difficult for you, hold doorpost with your hands и make the same swings. Do not try always to breathe the same way. Everything depends on oxygen demand, i.e. duration of pauses and movements may be different. You should feel comfortable. With practice it would be great to slightly increase the duration of every breathing cycle at the expense of pause after inspiration. After completion of the exercise you can catch your breath by relaxed walking on a spot.

6. Bending your body. At first you may not bend completely. Initial position is the same. Inspiration, energy flow. Start exhaling slowly and bend. Expiration should be smooth. Touch the floor right in front of you or to the left of your left foot, then to the front, and finally to the right of your right foot.

7. Squats. Inhale standing up. Hold your breath. Squat during expiration. Use your legs as springs try to push as much air as possible from your lungs. If necessary, catch your breath by running on a spot or imitating running.

8. Initial position: standing up. Rotating movements with bent-knee leg. Number of sets: till full expiration. Repeat the same with your other leg.

9. Another good exercise in sitting position. Inhale. Swing your body when exhaling.

10. Let us proceed to exercises in prone position. “Scissors”. Initial position: lying flat on back. Spread out your legs and bring them, close to each other. Put your hands under your neck. Palms up. Head should be on the floor. Don’t arch your back. I am not afraid to repeat myself: abdominal inspiration, breath holding for comfortable period of time. Silver snow of energy penetrates your body through pores and goes into your energy center. Before expiration lift your legs 20 – 25 centimeters from the floor. Perform very smooth abdominal expiration, during which make “scissors”-swings (one leg under the other and over it in turn). Return to initial position. Pause for several seconds. Relaxation.

11. Lying flat on back. Arms should be alongside your body. Take a deep breath and lift your arms up. During expiration pull one of your knees strongly several times and press the knee to your stomach. Return to initial position. Relax your legs and arms. Make short and comfort pause before inhale. Repeat the exercise for the other knee.

12. Bend your knees. Make pendulum-like movements with each of your legs in turn. One leg. Then another.

13. Perform the similar exercise: movements with both legs simultaneously to one side and then to the other side.

14. “Bicycle”. Initial position: the same as in previous exercise. Put palms under your neck. Take a deep abdominal breath. Hold your breath. Your body is filled with energy like in previous exercises. Before exhaling lift your straightened legs 20 – 25 centimeters from the floor. Perform slow abdominal expiration during which bend and unbend your legs in turn, as if you are riding a bicycle.

15. Initial position: lying flat on back. Legs should be bent. Using your shoulders and feet as support lift and lower your pelvis. Inspiration: energy flow. Expiration: movements.

16. Initial position: lying flat on back. This is the final gymnastic exercise. Perform abdominal inspiration. Slowly and simultaneously lift your arms and legs vertically and shake them. Try stretching your fingers and toes. After you begin shaking perform abdominal expiration and complete it in initial position.

Certainly, at first it will be difficult to do everything correctly and master all aspects. Relax. This is common process of mastering the technique. Everybody makes mistakes at first. The best advice is to perform exercises repeatedly, watching the video and constantly mastering your skills. Having familiarized yourself with the free-of-charge part of the method, you can begin practicing gymnastics right away. You can do it every day. If you maintain the same amplitude and duration of pauses after inspiration as in the video, you will quickly achieve first success. Immediately after completion of exercises you will be able to urinate much easier. In a couple of weeks pain in the area of prostatic gland will ease (if you experience pain), number of uresiesthesias (including urgent desires to urinate) will decrease. Overall health will improve. However, this will be the limit of your achievements. Topic eight contains additional actions that increase health-improving effect from performance of such gymnastics and make it truly amazing. Necessary duration of exercises is also explained there. I emphasize that the main point to maintain necessary duration of pauses after inspiration. If your lungs work properly, everything is fine and you need to read topic eight. Now I will tell you how human body operates during performance of aforementioned exercises and after their completion. I will also give you some useful recommendations. By taking a deep breath of fresh air and by holding your breath, you facilitate gas exchange. Duration of pause is proportional to volume of blood flowing through capillaries in lungs during that time. Carbon dioxide is removed from blood. Oxygen is absorbed into blood. The volume of absorbed oxygen is directly proportional to duration of pause after inspiration (the longer the pause, the greater the volume). By performing movements during expiration you increase blood flow (of course volume of oxygen transferred by blood is increased too). Those body parts, where muscle tissues contract, increase heat dissipation and require much more blood than usual. All described exercises involve pelvic muscles and stomach muscles. For this reason prostatic gland is supplied with blood with high oxygen content. Oxygen stimulates metabolism, oxidation reactions facilitate elimination of congestions and spasms. Improvement of circulation activates leukocytes main purpose of which is protection. In such conditions cells of immune system detect and destroy cells of benign tumor and other pathogenic agents. Such combination of breathing and movement is the best treatment factor. Other variants of this technique do not have this effect. Quality of your performance will be proven by temporary decrease in body temperature. For example, 36,4°C before gymnastics and 35,2  ͦС after. Greater difference means better absorption of oxygen into blood, better supply of blood to congested tissues, and better metabolism. You should understand the importance of ensuring constant flow of fresh and clean air. If you perform exercises in poorly ventilated room, by the end of exercises the room will be oversaturated with carbon dioxide. If this happens, the time you spent exercising can be considered wasted.

Gymnastics during expiration does not cause complications of any heart diseases, kidney diseases, diabetes or respiratory conditions. Gymnastics only benefits. You can think of some other movements and add them to the exercise loading your muscles in those parts and organs where you have problems. These exercises will ensure good results. But you should always remember the main rule: movement during expiration. My recommendations will help you distinguish efficiency from uselessness. On rare occasions during exercise you may experience pain in the area of prostatic gland. This happens in case of sudden spasm of one or more muscles that encircle prostate or urinary bladder. In such a situation you should remember four recommendations. First: analyze amplitude of your breathing, its smoothness, as well as ensure that the air you breathe us fresh. Second: start with very slow movements. Third: try to figure out which exercise causes pain. Stop practicing this exercise or perform it at the end of the session when muscle tissue is warmed enough. Fourth: apply knowledge given in topic eight. Another important recommendation. With time your mind (as well as your muscles) gets tired of repetitive movements. In order to maintain high efficiency of gymnastics, constantly vary the order of exercises. Do not hesitate to add a new exercise, if you come up with the one.

Conclusion. Thorough gymnastics with movements during expiration is a strong health-improving factor. Its impact may be consciously directed to improve the condition of prostate or any other organs and body parts. It is wonderful. However, it is impossible to recover without true muscle activity (walking, running, swimming). BPH, chronic prostatitis, and many other diseases are only consequence, while the true cause of problems is in disturbance of operation of blood vessels or heart, or both. Cardiovascular system is all over our body. This system can be effectively restored, only if as many muscles as possible in all body parts are involved in movement (provided that heart rate is acceptable and reasonable). This topic is exhausted, so let us proceed to a new one, where I will explain why active physical exercises are beneficial.

Exercises that should really improve health prostate (walking, running, swimming)

Some people run to improve their health, others swim. Every day we do some walking. In spite of that BPH, chronic prostatitis, and other diseases come and don’t go away. Ask yourself or any other person you know who practices physical exercises regularly how to turn such activity into therapy. I spent years searching for a relevant answer and nobody gave me one. Nobody knows where the line between benefit and uselessness of such activities is. This topic contains some recommendations which make walking, running, and swimming really health-improving. First rule. Warm-up. There are 640 muscles in human body (depending on calculation methods). First of all they need to be warmed-up before starting any kind of activity. Warm-up should involve slow movements to avoid spasms and injuries. First 400-500 meters of walking can be considered warm-up. First half of running distance should be used to warm-up.   Usually after 10-15 minutes of swimming you will feel improvement in flexibility and lightness.

Second rule.  During any activity (running, walking or swimming) you should try speeding up your heart rate to maximum. Thus, after warm-up I recommend alternating speeding up and slowing down your movements (do not use stable and high tempo). Why? Acceleration of muscle contractions means rapid speeding up of blood in your vessels. Fast blood flow is a kind of cleaning procedure. It flushes and removes all obstacles in its way. Thus, blood with high oxygen content reaches places where congestion usually takes place for various reasons. Within reasonable limits high speed can be maintained for a short time. Our physiology will not let us do it for a longer period. In this case you need to slow down and relax. Under the law of inertia the heart will pump blood at maximum speed for some time. Muscle relaxation will ensure optimum circulation, i.e. it will let you achieve the best health-improving effect. Let me remind you acceptable limits of heart rate during such loads:  40 years of age – 140 bpm, 50 years – 130 bpm, 60 years – 120 bpm, 70 years – 110 bpm. This is an important rule. Now I will demonstrate such change of pace using various types of swimming as an example.

Attention! Video playback requires a short download and is performed after a while.

Swim fast to one side and slowly to the opposite side. Duration of accelerations and recoveries is up to you (depending on your condition and training). However, only after studying the eighth topic you will fully understand the correctness of procedures to be performed. It is great, if you swim better than me. Even if your skill is worse, don’t pay attention to my technique. Use the style which is the most comfortable for you. When speeding up your task is to involve as many muscles as possible. For this reason you should use your arms and legs the way you like it. Do not worry what the others will say. When you slow down blood circulation improves, because your heart receives maximum relaxation.  In case of running or walking rules are mostly the same. Third rule. One of the biggest mistakes of remedial gymnastics is the motto: “The more, the better”. Maximum time limits for each activity are given below. Substantiation of these limits is given in topic eight. Duration of relatively active running should not exceed 25-30 minutes. Healthy walking: 45 – 60 minutes. Swimming: 40-50 minutes. You can practice these activities for a little shorter period, but do not exceed these limits. Fourth rule. Maximum oxygen consumption will ensure quantity and quality of oxidation reactions, thus providing energy and strength. You will never experience stiffness of muscles, not to mention muscle fever after exercises. Your breathing during active movements should include the deepest possible inspiration and full expiration. When swimming you should make a comfortable pause after deep inspiration. Exhale in the water. At first it will be difficult to pull air in because of water pressure. However, if you do it correctly, you will benefit from it. If you don’t develop your breathing muscles (they usually don’t want to work at first), the whole swimming thing will be useless. When walking make short pauses after inspiration and breathe slowly. Do not make pauses, when you accelerate your pulse to 85 – 110.

When you run, you usually want to breathe both through your nose and mouth. Don’t hold your breath after inspiration, because running put the greatest load on our skeletal muscles. You will need all oxygen you can get. Everyone will benefit, it they observe the following simple and useful recommendations. Any physical activity should be done on an empty stomach. Many people have a wrong opinion about swimming. People with BPH or chronic prostatitis think that swimming is dangerous for them, because overcooling can lead to serious consequences. And they are right. Heat conductivity of water is more than 20 times greater than heat conductivity of air. For this reason, If you swim, for example, at +20°C, you can overcool quickly. Firstly, under no circumstances should you stay motionless in water for a long time. Secondly, there is optimum minimum. It is useful to swim for 50 minutes in a swimming pool at 24 – 25 °C. Sea or lake water is usually colder, so swim less there. When swimming open and close your eyes more often (especially, if you wear special glasses), so that your eyesight does not deteriorate. If possible, inhale and exhale using both mouth and nose. In such case your nose won’t get blocked (especially for those people who have problems with nasal breathing). One of the biggest mistakes is to swim using only arms. This is just stupid. It improves circulation only in upper body.

I am sure all those people who have not practiced running for 30 or 40 years know well that you cannot start doing it without serious training. Running and walking have one big disadvantage. They can cause injuries. You must know your route well. Slippery road or small hole in asphalt can lead to bruises and sprains. Even small ones bother. Be careful and always look down and forward. And of course, you should avoid dusty and polluted places. Rules of deep breathing, warm-up, change of pace, and load limits are only a part of the whole process. Limited access topic 8 contains techniques that will allow you to increase the impact of any type of movement, consciously activating all protective mechanisms of your body that destroy tumor cells to the maximum extent. I recommend you to read topic 8 before you begin practicing running, walking or swimming activities. Before I managed to grasp all details of remedial gymnastics my body felt awful on a regular basis, as if I was some kind of pile of wastes ready to be dumped.  Simple ignorance of the essence of physical activity caused muscle stiffness, joint pain, and even depression. I needed long rest in order to recover. Besides, I couldn’t achieve any treatment effect. When I understood the physiology of physical activity, all those problems disappeared.

DEAR READER ! The following topics (the sixth, the seventh, the eighth, the ninth and the tenth one) are hidden from free access, and I, the owner of this website, will send the missing material in person, via e-mail, for a fee. I do not send the subjects piece by piece (I do not see the obvious health benefits for the patient in doing so). The price is negotiable between you and me. Come forward, suggest it, and I will respond. It is advisable to order the hidden subjects after reading the available sections of the methodology in full and partial mastering of thereof. I will speak about the relevant knowledge only in a few words. Of course, it is crucial for the treatment of the prostatitis and the adenoma. As for me, I have spent about five years trying to comprehend that knowledge. You will not find this material on the methods of treating the prostate and on the issues of reducing the size of the prostate gland in encyclopaedias, as you will not find it anywhere else. But everything is within a strict scientific framework. Those rules combining the application of simple laws of physics with physiology make it possible to knowingly get rid of the prostate gland inflammation during each session, literally day by day, and to do physical exercises (if so desired) after recovery from the prostate ailments not all the time but only in a supporting mode, i. e. for the prevention of the BPH, for the prevention of the prostatitis in men. They (that is the rules) have been hard earned by me and, as it is said, “have been elaborated through hard search work”. After having fathomed the laws contained therein and taking into account the fact that we live in a commercialized world, I treat the medicinal qigong or, by way of example, the Indian yoga for the prostate as hierarchical sects created to enrich numerous pseudo-teachers, not as health-improving systems (may I be forgiven by their adherents). Let me note that the whole amount of this knowledge is, of course, applicable both for the prevention of the prostatitis and for that of the prostatic hyperplasia. Without the hidden subjects, the prostate treatment methodology is incomplete. I know that there are already a significant number of people trying to master the knowledge I offer at least partially. Let me tell you right away that improvement with the prostatitis and the BPH patients will undoubtedly manifest itself, but it will be unstable, as in mathematics a sinusoid is in the plane coordinates (now worse, now better). I understand perfectly well that every patient who has signs of the benign prostatic hyperplasia or the prostatitis symptoms has long been confused by the sheer unlimited flow of information and data that he/she encounters in his/her searches and actions. An incredible amount of dangerous advice, useless websites and absurdities of all kinds in the form of advertising, which is poor by its complete worthlessness, is placed on the Web as far as the subjects of the “prostatitis in men” and the “BPH treatment” are concerned. Sometimes a person trying to comprehend the truth about treating the prostatitis or the prostatic hypertrophy, accumulating information from a variety of sources bit by bit, realizes, at the end of such an accumulation, the utter senselessness in identifying both benefit and unwitting harm. Later on, I will even give an example from my own experience. But partial mastering of the methodology will bring all your efforts to naught. Everything in it, unlike in other sources, is not only expounded but also scientifically substantiated. You will not find anywhere a presentation fashioned in such a way. Most of you, before finding your way to this web resource, have spent effort, money and a lot of time looking for answers to the question: how to have the BPH cured without surgery? How the prostatitis is treated? With what means is the chronic prostatitis treated? Please take my message sanely. Why make an effort more often for nothing than with benefit? After all, we live by the laws whereby we are offered not so many useful, let alone valuable, things free of charge.

Attention! The texts of the subjects conditionally hidden from free access are protected from further distribution by the programmers servicing this web resource.

The following is important. The website is designed in such a way that it is possible to start exercises and feel a small health-improving effect from them without reading the hidden chapters. Take advantage of that. That should be done and is usually done in most cases by all those who have serious intentions. In addition to the methodological aspect, the website contains a lot of useful articles. Wishing to avoid any misunderstanding, I urge you to comprehend its structure (the explanations are available at:( and then familiarize yourself with all the material proposed (In any case, you will benefit from it. When you start reading, you will immediately understand why). If you are in a hurry, you should simply pass by! I have absolutely no desire to be subjected subsequently to unwarranted aggressive criticism (especially at present, given the incredible bitterness of many people). I suspect that even one negative comment on this methodology of mine on the Web can “eclipse and obstruct” for an average user a hundred positive comments, so in this case you should know firsthand about the physical exercises suggested, and further on you should be prepared for full understanding and strict application of the recommendations from the material proposed!!! Before approaching me on the missing sections, assess objectively the level of your predisposition to percept new knowledge. I can help anyone who sincerely wants to understand me, but I cannot do it if a person does not have such a predisposition. The hidden subjects contain instructions that are far from being stereotyped (although they are conveyed simply and clearly). You must first wrap your mind around them! You also need the ability for correct (precisely correct) self- analysis and the ability to intelligently regulate the course of the health-improvement process. I know that, controlling that process personally, I could clearly point out the patient’s mistakes, channel the exercises in the most correct way, and help get the most out of it, but, alas, the Internet does not provide such opportunities in full measure. Sometimes, after a brief conversation, I myself refuse to speak further with the person who contacted me, and I decline the possible reward without hesitation. Don’t blame me, I am a living person, and I absolutely do not want to be misunderstood in the future, which means and is highly likely to be unfairly vilified and “spat upon” (I have had enough of sworn ill-wishers). Over the past years, I have received many thousands letters. The acquaintance with them has developed in me certain psychological skills, and often I can feel respective intonations in such messages. If you, for example, scold, for no serious reason at all and even using foul language, the whole world, medicine, physicians and pharmaceutical companies, ask yourself the question: who is to blame for the fact that you have a problem that irritates you? How correct was your previous lifestyle? Did anyone advise you on it? Try to answer yourself objectively, and please do not write to me. It will be in vain. I am wary of conflict-prone people… One more remark: I consult people individually, from the start of the treatment and until a complete recovery, during a face-to-face meeting or via the Internet, at your discretion. Diagnoses: prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, BPH and related problems, hypertension, hypotension. The reward depends on the dynamics of the health-improvement process. With strict adherence to my recommendations, I guarantee a positive result. You can contact me in various ways. You may choose the most convenient one for yourself. Here are some of them: E-mail: [email protected] (this is the most reliable option). Directly through the website. At the top of each page, there is a notice saying: “Send a message to the author”. Click on it and follow the instructions, they are easy. If you fail to understand anything of the material presented, ask for help from your relatives or friends. Perhaps bright children are those who can best explain the rules and methods of communication to you. I am a human being, not a virtual character, I have neither a staff of assistants nor robots, I respond to inquiries in person, I try to answer without delay, and generally I am an advocate of talking first. Please make payments through a bank branch convenient for you through any of the money transfer systems listed below: “Western Union”, “MoneyGram”. Payment details: country – Ukraine, city –Kryvyi Rih, recipientPlotian Gennadii. Everything is simplified as much as possible, and no other data is required. After making the transfer, you will be given a digital code at the bank, for example: 1234567890.  I will send you the missing material after I have received your payment notice with all the necessary details sent via e-mail to my address: the digital transfer code, the check word (if any), the country of transfer, the name and the surname of the payer, the exact amount in US dollars and cents. A transfer through the “Western Union” payment system may be considered the most optimal nowadays in all respects. I deliberately highlight this font in red and try to explain everything thoroughly so that you have no extra questions.
Please be aware that the text of Subject Eight will be sent to you only after you have communicated with the author, and only through this website. There is a lot of evil on the Web, but I have nothing to do with malicious web resources that, luring people by catchy headlines, spread not the truth about identifying the symptoms of the prostatitis in men and its treatment or treatment of the prostate without surgery but viruses trying to destroy your computer software (I experienced it myself, after which I had to become pretty nervous about my notebook and immediately applied not one but two powerful anti-virus software utilities for its protection).

About priority and amount of physical exercises at the beginning of treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy.

If you read the aforementioned section, you understand that the effect from gymnastics is directed locally to the body part where prostatic gland is located, while running, swimming, and walking have universal effect of improvement of cardiovascular system and body as a whole.
I always give proof of what I tell you. This section is not an exception from this rule… THE FURTHER TEXT OF THE SIXTH TOPIC IS HIDDEN AND IS SENT VIA E-MAIL.

Best treatment for enlarged prostate, chronic prostatitis; cases when abdominal breathing is most useful

For the sake of clarity here I will give my recommendations point by point. Rules of breathing during health-improving exercises are described in detail in previous sections, so I will not repeat them here…

…You should remember for the rest of your life that diaphragmal breathing will be the most effective providing that the air is fresh, ventilation is constant, and  oxygen content is at maximum.

Topic eight

This topic is the most important. Writing this section was the most difficult task. I closed access to it. However, I will send it to anyone by e-mail for a reward. Rules how to order it were described at the beginning. What I want you to know is that I often receive letters from sick people asking me for recommendations. One of such letters is given below. The author of this letter is not a very old man. Hello, Gennady. I have my own treatment technique which I use to treat BPH with varying success. Can you recommend your adjustments to it? Here is the list of procedures the man used. 1. Eating dead bees and garlic (every day). 2. Walking on a treadmill or ski walking (every day in turn). 3. Massage of testicles. 4. Straining of anal sphincter and urinary bladder in various positions. 5. Creating attitude towards rejuvenation of pelvic organs and imaginary destruction of BPH. 6.  Walking on buttocks. 7. Breathing with long pauses during inspiration or expiration. When I read such things. I don’t know how to answer not to offend the author. He is a fighter by nature. He works a lot and I respect his efforts. But his recommendations are absurd. Combination of useful and harmful procedures does not end well. Dead bees have antibacterial effect. They have nothing to do with treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Eating garlic makes you dehydrated and irritates walls of urinary bladder and prostate. Treadmill means walking indoors. Walking is useless at best without fresh air and knowledge of rules of improvement of circulation. Massaging testicles is simply stupid. Walking on buttocks and straining of sphincter might help during periods of rapid heart rate, if you have no spasms. Otherwise, this will be harmful. Attitude towards rejuvenation is science fiction (if not delusion). Holding your breath for long time after expiration is suicide.
And another thing. I understand that we can find ourselves under influence of faulty, harmful or even dangerous information. Before applying any recommendation you should study its possible effect. Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a complex disease. You should understand well the purpose of each treatment procedure to achieve clear and positive results from these procedures in short time.  If you cannot achieve such results, it means that all those standard or non-standard procedures applied by you are useless. Reject them and you will make a wise decision. I wrote down my method for you, so that you could achieve a true recovery, if you want it. I don’t want you to make mistakes.

Prostate health diet; thorough descrition of nutrition in case of BPH and related restrictions


Do not interfere. This is the only thing you should do, when your body starts getting rid of diseases. Eight previous topics can be described by one phrase: “how to turn motion into true and effective treatment” or more precisely “how to achieve overall and universal improvement in quality of circulation of blood enriched with oxygen and become completely healthy. In this section and the following tenth section I will teach you not to harm yourself consciously. I will tell you how to maintain proper blood circulation with minimum losses. Be careful what you eat. Almost any recovery process includes adjustments to diet. Any experienced doctor starts from recommendations concerning diet. Lack of such recommendations is a feature of poorly skilled doctor and a signal that he or she might be quack. It is impossible to recover without justified changes in your nutrition. There are a great number of diets. There are so many of them that one can easily get confused by their variety. Most people have no organized system of knowledge about diets. For this reason there are a lot of harmful, even dangerous recommendations. There are lots of myths. One myth is that starvation treats benign prostatic hyperplasia. I tested everything on myself: diets and fasting. I developed my own objective opinion. I believe I have the right to outline my opinion, because I recovered from BPH myself and my method helped hundreds of people get rid of BPH. I warn you that no recommendation is perfect for everyone. But if you read this topic, you will have a clear idea what you should eat and when. My experience shows that it is often very difficult to influence a choice of a sick. For this reason I will substantiate everything I state. Unfortunately, with food our body receives not only useful, but also harmful substances, or even dangerous elements that complicate out life. A sick person has to avoid or at least minimize eating harmful food. Let me start from the beginning, i.e. starvation. Full rejection of food and water is the most dangerous method, which many mistakenly believe to be the most effective against benign prostatic hyperplasia. Duration of such procedure varies and depends on many factors. One I tried it myself. I was naïve and I was told that complete starvation can bring miraculous results. Miracles cannot be understood. I managed to hold on for three days. I drank some water on the fourth day. On the fifth day I started eating. My body strongly resisted any suggestions, which manifested in increase of blood pressure by 35 units and in long term increase of heart rate approximately by 50 percent after meals. There were no other side effects. I never tried it again. I did not want to consciously hurt myself. I don’t want to impose my opinion on stubborn people, but if I could, I would forbid such kind of starvation and would bring all its advocates to responsibility. Dehydration caused by starvation causes fragility of blood vessels and heart tissues, dryness of kidneys, liver, and other organs. It could lead to irreversible consequences. I have no intention to make any predictions. However, remember that motion and living without food and water are incompatible. Next variant of starvation is long-term starvation with water consumption. There is a separate article with rather thorough description of his kind of starvation. I tested it on myself (I managed not to eat anything for 24 days). Blood clearance has only temporary effect, i.e. temporary decrease in size of BPH. Symptoms never disappear completely. When you resume eating, the tumor starts growing again. Usually.  Nobody talks about the negative aspects of starvation (and if somebody does it, arguments do not sound convincingly), but if you stop taking food and continue drinking water, your body stops retaining water due to lack of minerals. This means dehydration and its negative consequences can be unpredictable. For example, this process increases stiffness of vascular tissue. Short-term full starvation (3-7 days) may be recommended for people who experience urine retention and wear a catheter, because duration of outflow of urine through the catheter is limited. In such case you should drink clean boiled water. You should do this only in order to eliminate muscle spasms and to facilitate urination, taking into account other diseases and perception of the process. Not all visitors of this site will use such a method, but if (God forbid) you find yourself in such a situation, breathing exercise will help you. It is really effective. Now let us proceed to nutrition itself. It makes sense to start with those products, which are strictly forbidden. I am aware of quality of Ukrainian food that is why I will tell you about them. However, you should take into account food products of the place you live it and make your own conclusions…


…Some might think: “There are so many restrictions”. Firstly, sooner or later everyone should know the truth. Secondly, you need to search better: somewhere you can always find good chicken or hare, clean tomatoes or cherries, harmless potatoes or greens. Thirdly, I swear that if you organize your diet correctly, you will rarely feel hungry.

I repeat. The main point is the nutrition should not interfere with treatment. Harmful products are harmful for everyone.
The last thing: any restrictions sharpen perception. It manifests itself in pleasure from taste of first meal of the day, in satiation, and understanding how much one needs to feel happy. You can look at yourself from the outside and maybe even change your life priorities. I will not make any separate conclusions. Here conclusions are in each phrase.

Prostate; about self-preservation and self-control in case of benign prostatic hyperplasia

I clearly understand that not all of you will apply “Living without BPH” method to the full extent. However, many things presented here will be interesting for most of you. Like the previous section, this one is extensive. Please read it. I believe there are reasonable recommendations that will be new to you.

One of the main recommendations: If you want to recover using knowledge given here, stop harming yourself. I do not mean you should stop taking medications, especially those your life depends on. You should not do such things like riding a tennis ball with your groin or apply some stinging ointment with an unknown purpose on it. Don’t stuff vibrators in your anus or use pumping contraptions for your penis. None of the aforementioned dubious procedures will improve function of your prostatic gland or blood circulation around it. You cannot imagine how much harm you can notice around you, if you have experience and rational knowledge. Sometimes it feels creepy. Let me start from passive rest. When you sleep you breathe uncontrollably and consume much less oxygen. Thus, your blood vessels constrict. This is a normal reaction for healthy human. But if a sick person is dehydrated, if his vessels are full of obstacles, sleep becomes a test with dangerous consequences.  For example, for this reason most strokes and heart attacks take place early in the morning. Awakening at night and frequent urinations in people with BPH have the same reasons. What should you do to ease symptoms?..


…Here is the key phrase. In order to recover, first you need to learn to analyze your day (i.e. what did you eat, what improved your health, what was harmful or beneficial). Even when your prostate is in normal condition and you have spent a perfect day, you can go to bed having forgotten to close the window and cause an overcooling even in summer. You may not even notice it. But your prostate will. This will cause small muscle spasm around your urinary bladder and you’ll have to urinate at night.
You won’t even know the cause of the problem. Remember one word: self-preservation.

Analysis of changes and conditions in human body that occur during treatment period


I intentionally made this topic last, so that everything would be more intelligible, so you could see logic and interrelation. Phrases here are short (so that you could easily grasp its meaning). But still there is plenty of meaning in each sentence. Gymnastics performed during expiration has a local impact on pelvic area and on prostatic gland itself through quality improvement of blood circulation. Correctly accelerated blood flow brings improvement of protective functions of the body and elasticity of blood vessels in prostate area. Active physical exercise (running, swimming, and walking) restores cardiovascular system as a whole eliminating negative factors and improves immune system in all aspects. Any exercise in combination with deep breathing and relaxation stabilize arterial pressure and facilitate elimination of muscle spasms and congestion. Quality of metabolism also begins to improve. Recommended rules of nutrition limit supply of carcinogens and animal protein (main sources of tumor growth). Restricting consumption of refined starch, excess fat and salt you facilitate operation of cardiovascular system. In such case gastrointestinal tract does not receive products that impair digestion. Fluid balance is maintained rationally. If you follow rules of self-preservation and perform simple self-control, you will eliminate any negative external effect that facilitates development of disease.
The whole set of measures (certainly including those described in topic eight), completely eliminate tumor or inflammation, not leaving any chance to BPH or chronic prostatitis. The most interesting thing is that these measures do not have even slightest adverse effect. Now I want to address all skeptics and critics with an attractive offer. If you find even one pseudoscientific statement in my method and prove it, I will immediately send you topic eight free of charge.

Almost the end. Please read my story to the end

I intentionally tried expressing my thoughts as simple as possible without using many specific terms, because I wanted my material to be understandable to each interested person, whether he has medical knowledge or not. I gave substantiation of almost all recommendations. I did not impose any stupid idea (there are plenty of them on the Internet) on you. I developed some ideas by myself. Some ideas were derived from nature or other researchers. I tested all of them on myself. I defeated my disease and made some conclusions. The essence of the method is that if you influence your body correctly, you will start to recover almost immediately and painlessly. I am not a professional writer. However when I was preparing this text I was aware that a sick person needs clear information without any excess phrases and words. I think I rarely diverted from the point though I have written quite a lot. I assure, if you master this method completely, you will understand that it does not take much personal time. Moreover, you won’t even feel that you’re spending personal time, because such a process brings true physical and spiritual gratification. People write me to tell that they often look forward to commencement of exercises with impatience. Taking into account knowledge I have today, I do not take BPH or chronic prostatitis or sexual debility seriously. Other acquired diseases of cardiovascular system can also be defeated, especially at the initial stage. With time chronic dermatitis such as psoriasis will disappear too. Varicose veins, back pain and joint pain, problems of gastrointestinal tract and respiratory system considered to be serious will retreat too. Nobody is immune from anything. If you suddenly feel symptoms of weakness or cold, perform gymnastics till you sweat and the disease will not come. I know this from my experience and from experience of my previous patients. If you know more, please tell me. Still everybody is confident that such diseases are untreatable in most cases. Most likely few of you thought otherwise before studying my method. It won’t be easy at first. I ask you once again to carefully study aforementioned recommendations. You should not only practice, but also understand theoretical data. This method contains a lot of important rules, especially auxiliary ones. Sometimes five-word statement is based on years of research accompanied by despair and serious health risks because of small and big mistakes. I reached a dead-end more than once. My mind was telling me to give up out of despair. I do not want to brag. If you don’t achieve results with my method, please analyze your actions and compare them to my recommendations. Do not hesitate to ask questions, if you don’t understand. My experience tells me that most mistakes are related to application of abdominal breathing and diet. When it is very hot, when ambient temperature is over 30  ͦC, it is very difficult to recover. Recommendations given in topic 8 will guide you in the right direction. Exercises should not cause feelings of sickness or serious pain. The only rare exception is change in rules of breathing. I have explained this situation. Curious people ask how much time it will take to get rid of the disease. Remember, everything can be cured fairly quickly, if you know how to do it and do it right. You will surely recover, if you have motivation. If you master everything and strictly follow suggested recommendations, I suppose in 1,5-2 months of thorough exercises, you will understand the true value of this knowledge. Correct breathing, gymnastics, and rational active physical exercises will not only make you healthy, but also happy and active. If you practice them systematically, they will ensure long life. And one more thing. Personally I can’t always stick to the schedule and I do not recommend doing it. Even when I was really sick, I did not follow my schedule to the letter. I had discipline in frequency of activities. One day I went swimming and I did not bother to think what I would do the next day: running or walking. I selected my route when I left the house. If it was raining and it was wet, I persuaded myself to leave the house and go for a walk. If I go for a run too late in the morning much to people’s surprise, I still do it despite natural shyness. Certainly, I would have spent less time and efforts, if I had understood earlier that I needed to work rationally. I mean (and this is the main point) I knew that I will work every day against all odds, even despite lack of knowledge about the disease. You have access to this knowledge. This is a significant advantage. “Information bomb” as our youth puts it. Make no bones about your disease. This disease is not worth so much attention and it should be destroyed. Do not give BPH or chronic prostatitis any chance. Not hope, but rational knowledge should lead you to recovery. In order to live a full life, there is no need to exert strenuous efforts. You should only work purposefully. Health is not gold or even diamonds, health is universe.

Respectfully yours, Plotian Hennadi. Good luck.

P.S. For those who like plagiarizing. Copyright is protected by law in any state.

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