Treatment of BPH Natural Methods, Objectively about Supplements

Prostate Treatment
In order to properly restore functions of prostate to the maximum and make the tumor disappear you need to provide certain conditions for your body. There are three conditions. First: increase in elasticity of vascular tissue. Second: restoration of proper blood circulation (first and second condition occurs not only in pelvic area, but in the whole body). Tried: stabilize functioning of endocrine system. These three conditions are interrelated. There will not be any improvement, if one of these factors is ignored.

Herbal remedies for BPH

Now I will explain whether folk medicine helps achieve any improvement (and to what extent, if yes) for each criteria. You should develop your own justified and independent opinion as to role of folk medicine in treatment of BPH. In this case folk medicine includes mainly plants and their derivatives.

  • First component: elasticity of vascular tissue. Those people who practice self-control know that body weight usually changes slightly within over the day. Check your weight before going to bed and immediately after waking up. If you urinate, check the amount of urine and subtract its weight from total weight. Net weight loss overnight can amount to 0,5 – 1 kilograms or even more. This is the result of outflow of fluid from your body, mostly through respiratory tracts. Dehydration is one of causes of spasms. Spasm is the opposite of elasticity. During the day each of us replenishes natural fluid loss. The best and the simplest way to maintain fluid balance during passive rest is consumption of limited amounts of vegetable oil (sunflower oil, olive oil, pumpkinseed oil, flaxseed oil). You may already know some of its properties. Usually people explain them with general statements difficult to disprove, but at the same time lacking any specifics. They talk about vitamins, minerals, fatty acids that lower the level of “bad” cholesterol, and quality of metabolism. This is great, but still not effective. Absorbed viscous components of oil envelop cell membranes, thus maintaining fluid balance. This way you can effectively improve elasticity of cells and tissues. Daily intake of 30 grams (1,5 table spoons) of quality oil (it is better to do it in late afternoon; in 10 minutes have a cup of warm tea with honey to ensure better digestibility and absence of discomfort in your stomach) on an empty stomach will ensure significant decrease of fluid loss at night. This is good, but not good enough. You need not buy expensive oil. Oil should be accessible, real and not subjected to thermal treatment (cold-pressed). There are few contraindications for oil (cholelithiasis, cholecystitis).
  • Second component: circulation. Most consultants don’t even think about this aspect, but still there are dozens of various recipes (rosebay, hazel, fir, aspen, coneflower, etc) including for complex herbal preparations (this should alarm you) which do not take one important rule into account. Treatment effect of acceleration of blood flow is possible only in the absence of adverse effects. People who suffer from BPH often experience cardiovascular problems. Administration of decoctions (let alone alcoholic tinctures) will provoke further spasm after increase in circulation as well as high blood pressure, i.e. will be harmful. You may make use of such treatment options, only if you have no symptoms of hypertension and in case you maintain good self-control (using blood pressure monitor). Anything that relaxes has one main disadvantage. Its effect declines fast till it completely vanishes.
  • Third component: stabilization of endocrine system. I haven’t heard of any herbs which regulated level of dihydrotestosterone in prostatic gland. I believe you shouldn’t even look for them. If there is one that has at least similar effect, it probably has dangerous side effects.

I am trying to be objective, so my conclusion will be the following. Opinion that one can treat BPH with herbal therapy is exaggerated. Herbal therapy should be considered as an additional measure that has limited effect. I think most people who tried herbal therapy will agree with me. Anyone who is telling you that he managed to cure from BPH by means of anti-inflammatory and analgesic  herbs only is deceiving you and himself. Let’s call a spade a spade. Temporary and unstable alleviation of symptoms is not complete recovery.

You cannot fool nature and you cannot fight illness with idleness. You need everyday physical activity, correct breathing, and rational diet (see the following section: ( to achieve success in treatment.

Supplements for BPH

Let me say a few words about so-called biologically active additives (BAA). Despite other people’s opinion BAA is simply a combination of substances that replenish various vitamins in you body in case of their deficiency. BAA do not (and cannot) have other properties. Thus, any attempt to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia with biologically active substances is useless.

Often you need to prove that harmful things are really dangerous and shit is shit, not a panacea. At one time dishonest people began using BAAs as a source of profit. Corruption in our country lets swindlers organize (with impunity) various methods of sale of food additives considered to be a miraculous cure. Officials and law enforcement officers cover this fraud. Most cynical crooks group into serious companies with respectful names. They control this business from production to sale. Such pills are useless placebos, but package, labels, and boxes are usually of a very high quality. This is deceit, but it is necessary to fool a future customer. This is the face of the product, so most costs are associated with package, etc. such products always have stylish or mysterious name (“The Secret of Tibet”, “The Power of Ten Dragons”, “Super Health +”). Stakeholders strictly follow marketing rules and actively advertise their biologically active additives. This includes beautiful websites and even TV ads (sometimes they even make a small TV shows about their product). Cost of advertisement is included in ultimate price of the product. Pill (or liquid form) itself does not have any treatment effect. There is no reliable information as to its effect. If manufacturers tell you about application of scientific methods in development of the product, they are lying of course. Pills are most likely made of neutral components not to harm anyone. Once I checked a random advertisement website and read about effect of some BAA in treatment off BPH. Here is the description: cleaning of blood vessels (in fact it is a laxative that causes diarrhea), adjustment of metabolism (if you rinse the pill down with a glass of water, it will already cause a change in metabolism, i.e. adjustment of metabolism), and restoration of disrupted connections (i.e. vitamins; they can be found in vegetables in fruits in a greater amount and in natural state). Thus, the description does not lie. The biggest lie is that there is no treatment. However, potential customer will get a perfect description of a wonder treatment.

About the sale itself. The main principle of sale is to look for people who need your product. There are three main methods of sale, but this list is not exhaustive. They are given below.

First method involves offering a price that will cause minimum discontent in case of lack of positive results. Such price is often moderate. Thus, they can sell the product for years till it completely loses credibility. Then they just change the name of the product or pick another sales outlet.

Second method. If there are any complaints, they will be nobody to lodge them against. This involves transactions made via telephone or internet. The essence of this method is to impress the client with a high level of competence (but only in word, because such competence is illusory) or to temporarily stupefy the client psychologically. The price amounts to hundreds of dollars or even more. It will be impossible (and useless) to contact the seller after completion of purchase. I you intend to purchase some unknown substance, and the seller tells you that its treatment effect is explained by “presence of antiproliferative and antiproliferative factors, steroid components, inhibition of aromatase; it inhibits bonding of estrogens with estrogen receptor” (I took this BAA description from an advertisement on a website), making mistakes and omitting letters in compound words, don’t even bother. Stay calm, suppress your anxiety and admiration (if any), take a deep breath, and end the conversation with this crook.

Third method. Working with a customer while he has opportunity or desire to pay. Sale of BAA that “cure” in several steps is the most cynical method, because nobody tells the customer about it right away. In such case customer is required to pay a sum equivalent to a thousand dollars or even more to ensure one’s salvation. The product brings no results and the customer has no choice but to ask for another course. The seller “sincerely” explains that in order to recover the customer has to complete two or three courses of treatment. Then the seller offers another portion of deceit for the same money. Everybody wants to be healthy including poor people. I heard a story that an old man, whose pension was only 150 dollars, took a loan in a bank and spent 1500 dollars to purchase some unknown crap. He realized the stupidity of his action when he understood that he had lost his money in vain. Besides, they exerted moral coercion on the old man for a long time: everything is in vain, because you did not purchase the next course! Naturally, such schemes are developed for the purpose of maximum benefit (at the expense of the helpless).

I hope and I am sure that it will be difficult to deceive you, if you read the information on this website and learn the method itself (

Respectfully yours, Gennadiy Plotyan. Kryviy Rih, Ukraine.

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Treatment of BPH Natural Methods, Objectively about Supplements
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