Features of Treatment of BPH (Questions and Answers)

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Dear site user, or not less respected occasional visitor!

You are currently on the page where you have the opportunity to ask me, the author of this resource, any question relating to the subject – therapy of BPH by healthy lifestyle (more precisely – recovery by the substantiated motion in combination with breathing) and get a really worthwhile response.

I will help not only with physical therapy consultations. Here I will give clearer and more reasonable recommendations on nutrition for this diagnosis, taking into account other conditions, and the individual characteristics of your body.

Moreover, I’m willing to describe all sorts of fresh speculations of scammers on this issue, and thus, at least partially obstruct their unpunished activities, as sometimes it takes an unprecedented scale, and the crooks’ degree of cynicism knows no bounds. If you ask, I’ll to explain the psychology of doctor’s dishonorable behavior.

Just one piece of advice, before setting a task for me, look at the list of articles (it is placed on each page, usually on the left side of the screen) and read the ones you are interested in. They dwell on how I was looking for the truth, or more precisely, the complete victory over the disease, through its understanding, through the most difficult obstacle – deception on the part of doctors and healers, through the knowledge of physiology, through big and small blunders. The main section: https://adenomaprostate.com/en/articles/7. It contains the methods of improvement and 75% of the information is set forth for free. Please, read this material in advance. I should also note that the study of my other publications hurt not a single person, and there is no repetition. Everything is written in view of long-term contact with sick people having BPH and chronic prostatitis.

I’ll always respond to the particular case, especially to the difficult one, but please take into account my load, I consult via Skype and e-mail in my native languages – Russian and Ukrainian. The site is translated not only into English, but also into other foreign languages, there is also communication there. People call and come to identify errors, for correction of the treatment process internally. In the end, there are puzzling tasks requiring serious thinking. Therefore, do not judge for a short delay, if it occurs.

In order to ask a question, complete a simple registration form without giving any personal data. Providing name is enough, you can pick it at your discretion (even fictional, if you want). Ethics is mandatory. Topics to be discussed again, can not be covered; I’ll try to share experience in all its nuances, so read explanations given below. It will be useful to everyone.

All subsequent findings, analysis of the condition and situation will be explained on the basis of long practice and open scientific sources of information. They are copied from nowhere, and therefore constitute the intellectual property of your humble servant. Knowing the commitment of some sleazy mediocre pen-pushers to cheating particular texts, ideas and their replication elsewhere without permission, I, the author, have to sign under all of my answers hoping that they will be less stolen. I ask you with a view to such a fact being not particularly annoying. I think that the material sent to me will be sometimes summarized, a few questions will be merged into one. All this will be done for your benefit. The bottom line, and most importantly, the methods of proper struggle with BPH should be clear to everyone interested. I emphasize I understand all of your letters in the English language, but I answer by means of a computer translator. I beg your pardon, if you find some inaccuracies.
Yours faithfully, Gennadiy Plotyan.

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Features of Treatment of BPH (Questions and Answers)
Pointless Start of BPH Treatment and Chronic Prostatitis Without Identifying and Eliminating Causes that Trigger the Disease