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Benign Prostate Tumor: Diagnosis and it’s at Times Questionable Quality

Benign Prostate Tumor: Diagnosis and it’s at Times Questionable Quality
The author of the site always remembers the event which is worth reading. It was the time when I knew little about my disease, except for the pain and discomfort, and I trusted doctors to some extent. I was recommended to visit one of the expensive clinics with a good reputation. A number of analyses were like for the flight into space.I had to pay about four hundred dollars for three visits and a brief talk with the silent, but energetic in appointments doctor. In the end the doctor gave me pills which I took earlier and had only negative effect. In general, I was not given any help and spent lots of money in vain. I realized the doctor was dishonest much later when I already had thenecessary knowledge. He just did necessary and unnecessary diagnosis…

Diagnosis when symptoms of benign prostate tumors

Of course, high quality and reasonable examination of the prostate gland is the key to recovery (if the patient sincerely wants it). Here’s what you need to know about the disease.

This is the main list of analyses if you do not have any complications or coexistent diseases. All of them areavailablealmost everywhere.

The basis for this web-site is the method Living Without BPH (also available in Turkish, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese).


Gennady Plotyan – the author of the content about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

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