Enlarged Prostate: Carcinogens (Nitrites, Nitrates, Food Additives…)

Prostate Treatment

Carcinogens are added to most foodstuff nowadays. They are known to be very harmful for entire health. And it’s especially important to avoid them during the treatment of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Which food is the most dangerous for BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)?


First of all, after reading this material I recommend the link: https://adenomaprostate.com/en/articles/7 (a page that offers a non-medicinal method of treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia “Living without BPH”). In what follows, let’s see how you can more scrupulously. This issue is very important and if you learn and start applying everything that I’m going to teach you, you’ll overcome not only BPH, but also many other diseases. A healthy diet and reasonable restrictions are good for both – disease prevention (I mean benign prostatic hyperplasia) and your immune system.

First, the most unfavorable types of edibles are produced (grown) in total disregard of appropriate technologies. It happens in those regions where corrupted authorities controlling the trade allow realization of such goods. Someone in authority allows the marketing of vegetables in which nitrate concentration is 5-15 times above standard, products with dangerous food additives, meat products in which nitrites are 3-10 times above standard. This information came to me from people having the ability to control the content of foodstuff. Believe me, you can’t call such products “food”. They are a poison that encourages the rapid development of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). The Internet is full of such information. Just check it. I’m not going to repeat it, because I have some unique info for you.


Nitrites provoke an oxygen deprivation and, as a consequence, light spasms because of excessive vascular distention. You can find nitrites in ready-to-eat meat products, canned fish and meat. You should say “no” to this kind of food or buy it only if a manufacturer is trustworthy. By the way, you won’t find a trustworthy manufacturer among the biggest ones. Preservatives are used in factories or meat plants because of huge amount of raw material. They (preservatives) also enhance the smell and color of the product. I’ve never tried the sausage after the long heat treatment. I’m not sure it will have a normal taste. On the other hand, short cooking doesn’t eliminate all the nitrites. That’s for sure.

In addition, nitrites turn into nitrates right in our digestive tract during the fermentation process.

The standard of daily nitrite dose is 0,2 milligrams per one kilo of an adult in Russia. In Europe the dose is two times smaller. But sometimes it’s hard to find out the dose because some manufacturers don’t identify it.


I suggest that you should cultivate the habit of estimating the degree of harmfulness of food. For example, look at the list of vegetables with sanitary regulations allowing the highest marginal rate (in milligrams of nitrates per kilogram of product).

  • Greens – 2000 mg/kg
  • Salad – 2000 mg/kg
  • Radish – 1500 mg/kg
  • Beet-root – 1400 mg/kg
  • Radish – 1000 mg/kg
  • Early cabbage – 900 mg/kg
  • Green onion – 600 mg/kg
  • Late cabbage – 500 mg/kg
  • Early carrot – 400 mg/kg
  • Greenhouse cucumber – 400 mg/kg
  • Zucchini – 400 mg/kg
  • Greenhouse tomato – 300 mg/kg
  • Eggplant – 300 mg/kg

A safe daily dose of nitrates for an adult is considered to be 320-330 mg. Let’s not forget about drinking water that contains up to 40 mg per one liter.  If a person drinks two liters of water a day, the limit will be 240-250 mg. If you cook and eat a salad (300-350 gm) containing standard set of greenhouse vegetables (some cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, some onion and green), you’ll have the upper limit of the standard. Since a salad is not the only thing we eat during the day, the amount of nitrates is going to be excessive.

Some more tips for you… Put everything that is eaten fresh into cold water for 20-25 minutes. It helps you to wash away most of the nitrates on the outer side of the vegetable. Skin vegetables excessively, cut away those parts, which accumulates the greatest amount of nitrates. Nutritionists advise to take some pomegranate or lemon juice (or lemon water), ascorbic acid before eating. They all partially neutralize nitric acid. The best way of heat treatment is slow boiling (not baking, frying or even steaming). Get rid of the used water (broth). Nitrates go away with that water (broth). This type of heat treatment is supposed to eliminate up to 80% of harmful substances. I completely agree with this statement because I’ve checked all the types and recorded the dynamic of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)

Food additives (flavorings, colorings, plasticizers, modifiers, preservatives etc.)

An ordinary buyer has few methods of control (an expiration date or a content of food addictives). I’m going to give a list of food additives (taken from Wikipedia) in this part. The fact that there are some unauthorized (those, whose influence on the organism is not known yet) food additives apart from prohibited ones confused me, really. Unauthorized additives include aluminium (E173), tin chloride (E 512), oxidized polyethylene wax (E914), acetone peroxide (E929). I guess these names speak for themselves and comments are not necessary.

I’ve made up a list in ascending order for your convenience. You can print it on a piece of paper and keep it in the wallet. When you’re in the supermarket, just take it and look at the food additive codes. Thus you’ll be able to analyze the desired product. One more time, some additives might not be shown on the label, but they can be very dangerous – E922, E923, E924b, E925, E926, E929. These are unauthorized food additives that improve flour products. They are added almost to every flour product except bread and high-quality pasta in our country (cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, wafers, ravioli, pancakes etc.) The bad thing about this is that small children eat products that are harmful for their health.

Here is the list:

  • E121, E123, E127, E128, E142, E154, E173, E180
  • E216, E217, E240
  • E388, E389
  • E424, E425
  • E512, E537, E557
  • E912, E914, E916, E917, E918, E919, E922, E923, E924b, E925, E926, E929

You should know that the excess of nitrates aggravates the situation slowly. And your illness (I mean benign prostatic hyperplasia) will let you know not at once, but in two or three days. As far as food additives are concerned, they can provoke the aggravation of the illness in several hours.


Peroxides are derived from rancid fats and rancid fats are the result of the vegetable oil heated to high temperatures. You can avoid eating peroxides. Just say “no” to street food, junk food and homemade fried meal.


These harmful substances come from cooking food on the grill or BBQ or just on coals.  Try to avoid long heat treatment during cooking meat in the oven.

When you suffer from BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), it’s very dangerous for you to consume any carcinogens. It’s understood that you can’t eat properly when you’re travelling or you’re on the business trip. If I were asked to arrange the carcinogens according to their harmfulness, I would probably put prohibited food additives, nitrites and benzpyrenes in the first place, nitrates in the second place and peroxides in the third place.

Ok, let’s sum everything up. Food containing carcinogens is not only dangerous for those who suffer from BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) with chronic prostatic, but also for a healthy person. Please be careful buying or cooking your food.

At last, I’d like to tell you something very important. When you fully realize all the harmfulness of carcinogens, you won’t believe the health service any more (I mean traditional or modern medicine). They don’t combine the medicine with clear recommendation for nutrition. But I think they should. It’s not fair, you know.

Gennady Plotyan.