Treatment for BPH (Types, Effectiveness)

Prostate Treatment
If there is no certain answer, there are plenty of ways how to reach the truth. Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is the example of such diversity. People try to influence the prostate by using pills and ointments, herbs and potions, heat and radiation, hypnosis and magic. Everybody who is burdened with this problem knows that doctors do not express the common opinion. Some of those who heal in a surgical way recommend their patients immediate operative measures. Those who prescribe pills promote medical drugs rejecting any other options and criticizing their colleagues – surgeons.

The strategy of this site eliminates all of the abovementioned methods, and here’s why. Everyone should know there is only one, but very efficient doctor in times of health troubles. The credibility of this doctor is so indisputable and is at such a high level that it cannot be criticized. This doctor is your own body. It only needs the help of your consciousness, desire and acts. It is able to repair itself in harmonious alternation of rest and activity with a reasonable consumption of energy sources. Unfortunately, each of us has been taught another concept from early childhood. Everybody knows about the benefits of movement and proper nutrition as main parts of our health. But whenever illness occurs, people try to eliminate it primarily through drug therapy, which is not always applicable and effective.

Drawing conclusions is always helpful. It is especially important for patients who got familiar with their diagnosis relatively recently.

Here are the types of benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment.

  • Treatment with a healthy lifestyle (see the method described on this site). It has the maximum of effectiveness and no negative effects. Your body recovers fully, that is, the vast majority of problems are completely eliminated during the treatment of BPH.
  •  The attempt to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia with official medicines. It has no effectiveness and is estimated by a principle – it helped someone a little bit and all the others (who are in the majority) didn’t get any result. There are much more real harmful side effects (especially hidden) than indicated in the instructions of medications. If people knew the real truth about medications, most of the pills wouldn’t be produced anymore.
  •  The treatment of BPH with folk medicine. It is based mostly on the fact that someone said to someone else that something eased the painful symptoms somewhere. People having no knowledge of physiology and nature of disease take a short relief for the full recovery. Taking of herbs, fruits and infusions isn’t necessarily the reason of this relief. Besides, people don’t always tell the whole truth.
  •  Various fraudulent schemes and treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia are incompatible. There is a risk of disease complications because of certain procedures.
  •  BPH surgery. This is an extreme measure and cannot be considered optimal, as some TUR surgeons state. No intervention in the internal organs brings positive result. This must be an axiom reasonable person. The operation should be justified by extreme necessity and patient should know about all the possible consequences: incontinence, which can’t be eliminated, severe restrictions of physical activity (immobility provokes new diseases and accelerates the development of old ones), impotence and lethal outcome. Remember: transurethral resection (TUR) of prostate does not stop the disease; this is only a temporary relief!

Faithfully, Gennady Plotian